We Are Our Most Precious Resource

Creating the new Health Care

This week I find myself on an accidental retreat.  I am in Rancho Cucamonga, a hotbed of big box capitalism, waiting for my training in the second level of Atlas Balancing.  Through a series of re-schedulings and miscommunications I arrived here on Wednesday.  The class begins Sunday.  So here I sit in a beautiful suburban backyard full of roses and birds yet somehow so big it feels barren.  In this arid land, so much space is just dirt unless water stolen from the eastern Sierras is poured on it in wasteful amounts.  Three blocks away, interstate 15 roars like the ocean, continuously.  The kitchen has a stencil on the wall that says “never enough thyme”.

Yet somehow this place and this “stolen time” is perfect for me to articulate what I have been trying to say about the NEW way Health Care will be given.  That is the radical statement right there.  It will be given.

Because I am at the mercy of my muse (the way my brain works), I cannot write unless what I have to say is already written and then it just pours out of me.

I had to start with exploring my own motivations.  With the help of the Gene Keys and the “Venus Sequence” by Richard Rudd, I am discovering my genetic impulsion to change the agreements we humans make in groups.  I find I am exquisitely and precisely designed to bring in my portion of his idea of Synarchy into the health care system.

Synarchy is government by the cooperation of equals.  Synarchy is coming into the world through a vibrational shift out of fear and into Love. That shift is at once so subtle it is barely noticeable and so profound that it is literally dismantling our entire social structure right before our eyes.  That shift is the equality that comes when people honor each other’s uniqueness with trust.  When the shift is complete, to paraphrase from the 37th Gene Key: “Women will design a world based on the needs of young children and men will serve them by building it.”

I still wasn’t ready to write after exploring the Gene Keys,  so I rented a bike from a neighbor of the owner of our Air-BnB cottage. Kathrina Peterson (who came with me) is visiting her family with the rented car.

In search of some basic commodities,the bike has allowed me to explore the FIVE medium to gigantic malls and shopping places within a mile or two of this house. With the help of the most advanced personal technology on the planet (my iphone), I have now wandered through just about every large chain store in the US and meandered past partially built, oversized housing and apartment tracts and empty lots marked with signs declaring yet another 53,000 square foot commercial complex on it’s way.

By the way I didn’t pass a single other person on a bike. I did pass a woman pushing her baby in a carriage with her elbows as she frantically texted someone.

It took me that many malls and stores to get a knife, some flip flops, a pair of shoes and some decent organic food.  Why?  Because every single giant store is so generalized that it can only afford to stock a little of this and a little of that.  In all the bewildering variety of things, stinks, noise, EMF pollution and some VERY entertaining settings, it is almost impossible to find what you need.

Everything in today’s economy of scale is driven by computerized calculations of trends of consumption.  We humans have been reduced to some sort of gigantic digestive tract designed to push as much as possible material wealth to a smaller and smaller group at the top of the income scale. I have great admiration for the energy and vision it takes to create these Rancho Cucamonga types of places but the limitations of this system are becoming obvious everywhere.

Great swathes of the less visited Maxi Malls are empty, tiles falling off, fake doric columns peeling paint. A large unused, overstuffed outdoor rocking couch spilling it’s artificial guts and tattered awning all over the artificially sustained lawn because it’s owners in the over-large apartment have no time to sit in it given the time it takes to commute to where they make barely enough money to go on living there.  Besides, what would they watch?  The traffic?

And yes, our health care system is suffering the same fate.  We get less, more generic and almost completely impersonal service that costs more and does not promote health in the least.  It’s not designed to.  It’s designed for profit.  The Affordable Care Act is a bandaid on a severed limb that is hemmorhaging money, lives and goodwill.

And yet in the midst of all this homogenized, de-personalized wasteland there are still people who go out of their way to find me a bike to rent, cheap.  There are still occasional store clerks who are actually knowledgeable and helpful in stark contrast to the bored and underpaid kids who lurk behind displays trying to avoid actually helping you to find some shoes.  People still smile at me as they trudge into Walmart.  And paradoxically, as I pedaled through the parking lots, the inspiration to write about the the health care system of the future finally gelled!

People are the answer.  Humans are resilient and inventive and when it comes down to it, they like to care about each other. We are the cells in a collective human organism undergoing metamorphosis.  The idea that we might care for each other more effectively on a small local scale is taking hold and spreading globally.  Local gardens, food and energy systems and more effective healthcare alliances are growing in the abandoned parts of cities all over the world.

Even here in Rancho C, many homes have a vegetable garden.  Here in Rancho C I am going to attend a workshop to learn a radically alternative method for aligning the actual spinal column and regaining a deep sense of connection to oneself, each other and the universe through sound code songs from a German Woman.

People are the best possible resource for healing because through our relationships, we unwind the wounds of our childhood.  In our personal relationships, we inevitably pick the right person to confront us with the way in which we felt victimized by our family system.

Every way in which we blame anyone else for how we feel contains a gift.  That gift is the understanding that when we give the “other” what we would like to be given, we are giving ourselves the world we want to live in.  Through the radical friendship of Equals based in trusting in each other’s unique gifts and abilities we will create a world based on giving rather than controlling. When Synarchy takes hold, the social priorities will be caring for the children, each other and the Earth.

So how do we get there from here?  It starts with appreciating through words and actions the people who still care enough to be kind and helpful. It starts with owning the pain from our childhood as our own best response to the situation at the time and not blaming the people who reminded us of that pain for how we feel.

It starts with seeing that it is NOT normal to be in emotional pain and defensive your whole life for fear of being hurt…again.  It starts with listening to ourselves and each other with compassion and looking for ways to accept each other and give something to ourselves and the “other” that feels good.  It starts when we understand that there are no “others”: that we are all creating this dream together and that when I am generous, my dream is a significant contribution to changing the collective dreaming.

And it starts when we base at least some of our business on giving rather than bargaining.  You see this everywhere now, especially in grocery stores. I like to call it the “generosity economy”.  This is the ground floor the new Health Care will be built on.  Giving Care and service with the understanding that to help someone else heal is to heal yourself.

Yours in gratitude,

David Kitts


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