“Holistic”, “Frequency”, “Vibration”, “Coherence”

“Holistic”, “Frequency”, “Vibration”, “Coherence”

All these words have become so over-used that it is hard to understand what anyone means by them any more.  Putting them together in a sentence might be equally meaningless but I’m going to do it anyway:

Holistic Healing means raising the frequency and coherency of your vibration!

Holistic is a term redundant to the term Health if you remember what “Health” means, which is to “be whole”.  I think it’s easy to forget what that really means.  To borrow from the great modern buddhist saint Thich Nhat Hanh, to “be whole” means to experience one’s self as “inter-being” with everything else.  As he and other great teachers so eloquently illustrate, we can’t ever really be truly separate from our parents, our food, the water, the earth, the air, the stars, bacteria, each other, anything at all.  Because all these things interpenetrate us in some extremely intimate way.

Why does everything interpenetrate everything else?  Because everything is a vibrating wave pattern of more or less coherent energy which is vibrating at different speeds (frequencies).  Frequency refers to how many times a wave goes up and down within a measure of time.  Air vibrates faster than rock. There is more air in a rock than there is rock in the air because air vibrates faster, which gives air more opportunities to enter the rock even if it can only enter a tiny bit.  Human beings feeling depression have electro magnetic emanations (the aura) that vibrate more slowly than those feeling joy.  They will tend to stay depressed and feel more isolated than a joyful person because they will absorb less joy frequency than joyful people.  Likewise the joyful person will be less affected by the slow frequency of a depressed person because their higher frequency will dilute the lower frequency more.

Think of it this way:  Modern physics as well as all ancient religions have come to the same conclusion: Space (pure nothingness, emptiness) has the highest vibratory rate of any “thing” in perceptible reality.  Not that you can really perceive “nothing” but such is the paradox trying to comprehend our “reality”.  According to modern quantum theory, one cubic centimeter of vacuum contains more energy than all detectable matter in the entire universe.  Energy means frequency. The wave patterns in the vacuum vibrate faster than anything else. Space interpenetrates everything more than anything else. Absolutely every last “thing” we can perceive of (or deduce as existing: like atoms and subatomic particles), even a rock contains 99.9999999% empty space.  Actually, everything IS space much much more than anything is a “thing”. So this means, oddly, the more you include and interpenetrate everyone and everything into your experience of life every moment of every day, the more likely it is that the frequency of your electro-magnetic aura will rise!  Conversely, the more you attempt to exclude any experience, person or thing from your life, the more isolated you feel and the lower your frequency and the less “alive” you feel.

Now I invite you to go back and read that paragraph slowly, so you can focus on the SPACE in the words.  Words are more like things than what I am transmitting through the words which is the energy of space!

BIG caveat!!  There is such a thing as coherency too.  To be coherent means that the frequency level of your vibration is sustaining a steady rate. Higher frequencies are more complex, more inclusive and more stable. This must be so for something as incomprehensibly large as the universe to exist at all.  If you experience lower frequencies that conflict often enough with your own frequency levels, yours will tend to drop to the lowest common steady state.  This is why people that want to control others through fear control the media so they can barrage us with horrible, fearful stories (low frequency vibrations) and exclude the far more prevalent uplifting stories.  Mind you, fear is an evolutionary necessity.  After all, people only try to control others so they can feel safe. Fear has allowed humans to survive long enough to gain a sense of freedom of choice. The next evolutionary step is discernment.  Discernment is the art of choosing what kind of vibration to expose yourself to on an ongoing basis so you can be coherent (maintain a steady rate) at a higher, more complex and inclusive frequency.  Not listening to the news all the time can keep your vibrational frequency high enough to have compassion for the people broadcasting the news.  Visiting your difficult uncle once a year for lunch can give you the spaciousness to love him without trying to change him or getting bummed by him.

If you can maintain a steady (coherent) high vibration, then it is less likely that exposing yourself to lower frequency vibrations will bring your frequency down. Space does not become things even though it interpenetrates everything.  This is why all the meditative techniques say to cultivate a sense of “spaciousness”.  Such is the paradox of “enlightenment” and the highest state of health: you cultivate higher frequency vibrations until you have no identity that separates you from anything else.  You become a unique, permanently coherent vibrating wave pattern that interpenetrates and inspires everything.  Actually, that is the only true description of what all beings already are right now.

So I will say it again:  Holistic Healing means raising the frequency and coherency of your vibration!

What is another name of the highest frequency, most permeating and spacious vibration?  The most over-used and under-utilized word of all:  LOVE

Love yourself.


Stay tuned for the next installment?:

So what do you do with all those low frequency vibes you’re still carrying around?



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