My Life’s Work

My Life’s work is my sun’s (birth moment) light.

Hexagram 3: Innocence, Innovation, Chaos

The sun is pure giving, pure service.  It doesn’t know take.  It only knows how to give light and warmth and the fire of excitement and enthusiasm. My life’s work genius is for others!  My highest service to others is to unlock their innovation and innocence through playing with them at releasing the fear of the chaos of change.  And it is done for them, it’s not about my fame, it’s done internally, secretly.  My brand is the refinement of my life’s work: what light I shine unconditionally out:  That light is my understanding that life is cooperative or it wouldn’t be here at all.  That Humanity’s awareness is changing into a clear experience of group consciousness unified with all life.  We are relocating the center of our awareness.  Our “new brain” will be our direct connection with the environment itself through the one center in our solar plexus area that is the same center inside all life everywhere.  We have to give up our separate identity but we can only allow ourselves to merge into the coming unity consciousness through our unique gifts and open mindedness.  Integration of uniqueness into the whole is the path and it can only be played out, not constructed. Delighting in the innocent playfulness that arises from the omnicentric love connection to the living universe inside of all living beings is the indication we are on the path!

Second line:  I’m here to change the way people move.  To be an inspiring example of “easy is best” when allowing the environment to mutate you rather than trying to control the environment to try to remain the same. To help people trust in the vast underlying transformative order of change. Playing at innocently moving into the unknown, allowing the fear and feeling how deeply held and protected we are by life.

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