Free Online Class: Energetic Support for your Electro-magnetic Field and your Immune System

Dates: Thursdays April 1 – May 14, 2020 – attend one class or as many as you like.

Time: 12noon Hawaii (Convert to your time zone here)

Cost: Free – donations gratefully accepted

It is my contention that the contagious nature of this epidemic is directly aggravated by the increase in microwave radiation in our human environment.  That and the fact that we are updated with horrifying news every few minutes if we keep looking at our phones.

I can only modify how much I look at my own phone. I can’t do anything about world events or powerful people bent on exposing everyone to untested technology for profit. But I CAN offer energetic support from Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine™ that can help you negotiate a new relationship with all the artificial forms of radiation we are constantly basting ourselves in.  

Desda Zuckerman created these meditations to help her students and clients create a mutually respectful relationship with radiation of all kinds from Cosmic to 5g.

Another brilliant colleague of mine, Barbara Musser invented an energy medicine protocol specifically for people that contract COVID19.  I find that it is helpful immune support at this time even if you do not have the virus.

Every Thursday at Noon Hawaii time from now until May 15, I will offer a one hour online Zoom class.  Every class we will do a meditation to Anchor your Presence in Your Physical Body Through Your Human Energy Structure.  This is to introduce you to your much larger self so you know where to apply the energy “shields” that tell radiation to go around you rather than through you.

The class will be by donation using PayPal or Venmo or Credit card invoice. No one will be turned away. All participants must sign up by texting me your email at 415-269-0885 by 11am Hawaii time Thursday.  

This is so I can email all participants an audio recording of the returning presence meditation and PDF documents that will assist them in repeating the other meditations until you know them by heart and can apply them anywhere (like outside the Big-Box store BEFORE you go in!).


Q & A on Training Your Awareness Classes

What is Training Your Awareness?

Training your Awareness is a simple technique that is about energetic hygiene, keeping boundaries and not taking on other people’s energy.

What’s different about these classes?

You may have heard it all before… It certainly sounds like a lot of other things out there. What’s different about these classes is that it allows you to become aware of anatomy, spiritual anatomy, that you don’t know you have.

How do you teach?

I teach using a series of experiences and practices that will allow you to feel anatomy you didn’t know you were feeling. Once you become aware of this anatomy you can then learn how to use its unique properties.