“I have been receiving acupuncture for about 30 years now, from a great range of practitioners (including 5th and 6th generation acupuncturists), and of all of them, I find David Kitt’s work to be the most powerful and astonishing.

David’s work has transformed my body (most notably, my sleep). I had insomnia for decades, and while acupuncture has helped in the past, it never really produced a normal sleep cycle. After receiving about 5 treatments from David, I started experiencing normal sleep, which I realized I hadn’t experienced in many. many years.

What makes David’s work so extraordinary is his ability to ask the body for the correct points. As a homeopath for 25 years, I have found that the ability to ask the body is
essential these days, as our environment, our social structures, and our bodies themselves, change in dramatic new ways… Without the ability to ask the body where the most effective point is, we are lost as practitioners.

In addition to his extraordinary talents as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine and Japanese Acupuncture, he brings the capabilities as a Master Fusion Practitioner and as a practitioner of Core Individuation(TM). I have been the recipient of many of these sessions,
and they have changed my life and my physicality in unexpected and powerful ways.

If you have the opportunity, give yourself the gift of David’s gifts: you are in for an experience of exceptional talent.”

Sri Ventanadasana; Church of Divine Grace


“I wanted to report to you an amazing shift in my body since you worked on me for just 10 short minutes! I have had chronic low back and sacral tightness for years and usually in the morning I feel like I’m 80 until I get moving. Yesterday as I was shoveling the driveway I noticed there was no pain! Also, in the mornings, I have been much more mobile. The right hip is also improved, only mild residual discomfort. So….thank you for such a wonderful healing treatment!”


“I can tell that I DO have choices and I am more able to choose. I am more resilient and less easily thrown off- balance. I am more willing to take risks. My internal dialogue is more supportive and less judgmental. I am more entitled to the air I breathe and the space I occupy and to be who I am, foibles and warts and all.”


“The foot is an interesting case. The swelling continues – but without the pain. Your treatment ABSOLUTELY cut the pain to nearly nothing, which is very unusual given my history with gout (i.e. runs its course with pain in 4-5 days). I’LL TAKE THAT! Thanks very much David!”

Rick B; San Anselmo

“I have been receiving acupuncture weekly from David Kitts over the last five months to great benefit. I have a history of trauma to the bones in my face and I have been surprised and fascinated by how David has been able to shift the old injured holding patterns in my body. I have literally felt a shifting and settling in my facial bones and neck even though he is not seemingly treating that area directly. This has resulted in an overall reduction of back and neck tension. As the energy flow in my body becomes more unified, I can just feel myself functioning better.

The results of my care with David have seemed effortless for me to achieve. I am aware that I am sleeping better, both falling asleep with more ease and waking up less often during the night. I have chronically struggled with insomnia so this is no small blessing. I also find that I feel more at ease overall and my temper is not as short. David has given me insight as to parts of my body that need more support. Following his suggestions have lead me into aspects of my health that I don’t know I would have discovered without his help.

I appreciate David’s developed ability to apply his art either with or without needles. He is very intuitive and dedicated to finding what will work the best for me while honoring my body’s wisdom. His excitement and philosophy as a healer are impeccable.

David has a gentle kindness that is evident in all of his actions. This combined with his years of experience and clinical excellence put me at ease right away. I completely enjoy how much David loves people and their potential to transform.”

Kirsten Perkins; Chiropractor


” On many occasions, David has made health observations about me at just the right time; with lovingkindness and non-judgement.  Due to his unique style my behavior alters readily, resulting in fantastic positive changes.”
Betty Banks