Mysticism, Science & Consciousness

We all need a mystic in our lives.  We also need scientists.  It’s enormously helpful that scientists break our perceptions of the world down into fundamental “quantum” units of information in order to predict the patterns of life, yet the mystic “knows” that everything is conscious and that the empty space of consciousness is the only unchanging reality in the ever shifting patterns of life.

Do you know that every bit of you including your densest bone cells are made out of energy?

You’ve heard the Quantum Physicists say it:  “Everything is Energy and its all connected and responding to all the other Energy.” The Taoist, Vedic, Kabbalist and Sufi Mystics all said the same thing thousands of years ago.

The greatest minds of our age have attempted to discover the “Fundamental Particle”, the building block of matter. The word “Quantum” just means “a unit to measure the universe with.” Physicists divided the atom into “sub-atomic particles” and those particles into “quarks.”  The more they divided the particles into tinier particles, the more they discovered the same thing. No matter how small the particle, it is made up of 99.99999999% empty space and tiny whirling vortexes of tightly packed energy.

The smaller the vortex, the tighter the spin and the more energy it contains and the denser and more matter-like it appears to be. These days the most advanced theories are forced to concede that there are no particles of “matter”, just zillions of these tightly spinning vortexes.  Interestingly, it has been shown mathematically that the energy “potential” inside the space occupied by a single proton (a sub atomic particle in the nucleus of an atom) is the same as the energy potential in all of the physical matter in the known universe.

Consciousness (defined as the ability to respond to environmental stimuli) underlies all the manifestations of energy.  It is the stillness, emptiness and silence that contains all matter and movement. The primary characteristic of energy is movement, so the only thing that is constant in the experience of energy is change.  Pain and dis-ease in our physical and energy forms are interference patterns in the flow created by the constant creation and destruction of “physical matter-energy” in our physical and energy bodies.  Energy healing modalities such as Acupuncture, Core Individuation and Sound Codes can help you to restore the flow and harmony of energy throughout your body and your life.