My Life’s Work

My Life’s work is my sun’s (birth moment) light.

Hexagram 3: Innocence, Innovation, Chaos

The sun is pure giving, pure service.  It doesn’t know take.  It only knows how to give light and warmth and the fire of excitement and enthusiasm. My life’s work genius is for others!  My highest service to others is to unlock their innovation and innocence through playing with them at releasing the fear of the chaos of change.  And it is done for them, it’s not about my fame, it’s done internally, secretly.  My brand is the refinement of my life’s work: what light I shine unconditionally out:  That light is my understanding that life is cooperative or it wouldn’t be here at all.  That Humanity’s awareness is changing into a clear experience of group consciousness unified with all life.  We are relocating the center of our awareness.  Our “new brain” will be our direct connection with the environment itself through the one center in our solar plexus area that is the same center inside all life everywhere.  We have to give up our separate identity but we can only allow ourselves to merge into the coming unity consciousness through our unique gifts and open mindedness.  Integration of uniqueness into the whole is the path and it can only be played out, not constructed. Delighting in the innocent playfulness that arises from the omnicentric love connection to the living universe inside of all living beings is the indication we are on the path!

Second line:  I’m here to change the way people move.  To be an inspiring example of “easy is best” when allowing the environment to mutate you rather than trying to control the environment to try to remain the same. To help people trust in the vast underlying transformative order of change. Playing at innocently moving into the unknown, allowing the fear and feeling how deeply held and protected we are by life.

Wild start to the journey (so what else is new?!)

Solstice Spiritual Journey Part 1

So I manage to get to Hollyhock for the Seven Sacred Seals Retreat “the Permanent Opening of the Spiritual Heart”” with great dollops of grace from the universe and the people who love me.  This retreat is all about the 22nd Gene Key: Grace. Did I muscle test before I left whether I had left anything behind? No, just rushing to go on retreat: how crazy is that?  I know better.  I even took my 3 minutes of doing nothing at 12 noon sharp before starting..still rushed out of there.  So pretty soon I realize I’ve left my sleeping bag, pillow and pad but just go on, figuring “no big deal”…which means I get all the way to Dunsmuir, 5 hours away, before I realize I also left my daypack and my passport.  Urgh.  Not something I can do without when I’m going to Canada!  So Everyone pitches in. V, Priya, Daniel, Cari and Bernie.  Bernie gets my passport to Fed Ex in time to overnight it to Portland.  Bless you all!!!! That’s my Sun gate: 3: chaos: difficulty at the beginning!

I invited Daniel to be my travelling partner for the long journey.  What wasn’t clear in our planning conversations is that he also is in a hurry to arrive, for reasons of his own. 5+ hrs to Shasta then 12+ to Vancouver because Daniel really wants to be there the day before to set up his projector (he IS a projector too) to be able to share his art with everyone at the retreat.  It is fantastic video/graphic collage set to mind expanding music.  We dive right into a kind of intimacy I was hoping for. Sharing all sorts of things about ourselves. (I certainly wouldn’t share these things with just anyone)!  I pick up my passport and we have a lovely dinner break in the gourmet ghetto of Portland YAY!! Yet the strains of long drives, wandering on dark Canadian freeways with no idea when we are going to sleep, catching ferries to make sure we get there by solstice so we can go to a beach ceremony with the early arrivals (all of these are Daniel’s agendas) make me very grumpy, extremely unhappy with myself and ready to smack Daniel.  Like me, he seems very mellow but can suddenly get very intense (and agitated: the shadow of his Sphere of Evolution #51 Thunder) when he thinks he might be thwarted by something I am doing or not doing.  Being the focus of the agitated energy projected by him is shocking (Thunder is like that!) To compound things, when Daniel takes his turn driving, he is a tailgater, which makes me tense.  Then I wake up with an infected splinter in the bottom of my foot to go with my sore knee on the other leg.  Grrrr.

Everywhere we are driving and boating is intensely beautiful.  Jagged peaks plunging their rocky skirts right into the sea.  Huge trees and ferns and bright sunshine. We catch the last ferries to Cortez Island: literally the last car on. We go further and further away from the hustle until we get to Hollyhock in time for a delicious dinner in bucolic and immaculately kept grounds and gardens.  Everyone is courteous and helpful and we run right into Richard Rudd during the check in process.  Seems very propitious! Nice conversation with a lovely woman at dinner, beautiful campsite, all that and I’m ready to kill someone I’m so angry. WTF?  So I get my wire and wrap up and sit on a secluded bench in the incredible garden behind some hollyhocks and datura, allow the mosquitos to dine on me and do this healing for myself:

False Agenda Chakra Corridor Pattern

I’m so angry and I feel throttled.  Dowsing my anatomy I find that BOTH corridors of the throat are irritated and swollen.  The reflected chakras are barely spinning, only weakly projecting their message. The shoulder elimination wheel hubs and spokes are choked with debris. On top of that, 16 template strands are wrapped around my throat, all oddly from left to right (clockwise if you were looking down on my head).

The key to this complex is the corridors of the throat chakra that are supposed to be conveying my own intention of my truth around the core so I can receive it as well as cool the intensity of my pure spirit intention emanating from my core. There is foreign energy in there that I can only call a “false agenda”.  The function corridor is clogged with a false agenda that came from my Mom (though later I find that it wasn’t hers either) the left one is choked with one from my Dad.  They lodged there in utero! I get this far and I just have to sit for a while it’s so intense.  It’s hard to focus.  What is this agenda?  I sit and swat and stew. All I want to do is jump out of my skin and get away somehow, anyhow.

Finally the insights start to come.  I remember the healing symbol for the throat from the corridor procedure I learned from Desda is the butterfly (the shape of the Thyroid gland).  The Throat is all about transformation, metamorphosis really.  That’s why I’m here, right?  I want to fly!  It’s wrapped in Template fibers like a cocoon!  The butterfly inside is choking on the waste products of agendas that don’t serve it anymore!  The agenda in the function corridor that is preventing me from receiving my own intention for the function of my throat’s truth is “Tell me you Love me so I can Love myself”.  It’s my Mother’s gift to me that she got from her Mother and her Mother from…..  The agenda that is preventing me from receiving the wisdom of my throat that would allow me to transform my own and maybe other’s suffering is “When I tell you I Love you, give me the Love I can’t give myself, fill up the empty space in me.” This was my Dad’s gift to me from his….. Sheesh, no wonder their marriage didn’t last.  No wonder I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest when they separated and I spent an eternal 9 year old  year of afternoons alone with the television at my Dad’s house.

I realize that I came here (to Hollyhock, and to this incarnation!) to learn that I can heal myself by learning to give my self the Love and approval that I always felt I needed from someone else first.  Maybe this is why I don’t have kids this time.  I need to ground in Self Love first so that it can overflow onto everyone else.  How incredibly this fits my “profile”: 2-4!!  The Hermit-Opportunist. The Natural Lover. The Dancer-Nurturer.  What an amazing gift this Human Design/Gene Keys work is to those of us that can let it in:  to see that our fate really is “designed” yet we get to steer the course set out for us by adjusting our attitude about the winds that push us across the waters and landscapes of our life!

I unwrap the Template (nerve fibers) from around my neck. It’s time to emerge from the cocoon. I ask for help from the abundant butterfly-like Template Divas in the garden to reattach them to my inner soul  layer membrane. extended out where they belong to catch divine energies pitched to them by the receptors at my Soul’s edge for my nourishment.  I don’t need them to protect me from outside agendas that were already lodged inside me anyway.   I ask the dragonfly-like Elimination Divas to clean out the gunky stagnant debris from the elimination hubs and spokes of the throat Elimination wheel, and the wheel kicks into life, spinning out the thick choking smoky-grief-debris that I have felt building up for the last three weeks and spilling into my upper lungs. I place the butterfly symbol over my throat and say “I Love you! I Love Me, Mommy!  I don’t need you to tell me you Love me!  I know you Love me!”  “I Love you Daddy!  I Love me!! I don’t need you to fill that empty space because it’s full of me!”  (I actually used their full names but this way I said it conveys more how I felt!)

I bring in the Medicine Buddha Blue Light of Healing (the true function of any energy center is to heal, to become whole again.)  I bring in the Golden Light of Wisdom (the wisdom of all the energy centers is that we are immortal beings with vast history and that we are truly, really ONE being experiencing it Self from infinite fractal perspectives.)  I feel the Throat open and fresh air flow through from from to back.  What a relief!!

Writing this this morning is completing the healing.  My social nature is peeking out again and I visit with some of the Lovely people here exploring themselves as I am.  I return to my solitude and write some more.  Ah. Balance, Equilibrium, Justice, Enrichment.  The relentless persistent themes of my life. To experience the Chaos as Harmony.  To get drunk on the liberation that comes from embracing my own suffering.  To help others find the gifts in theirs.

If you got this far into this endless rant (and even if you didn’t!) may it be of great benefit to you and the people you Love!  May it benefit all beings and liberate their suffering!  Thank you for being my witness.  I Love you!

David (3-50/60-56)

If this is purgatory, it’s beautiful…

Glacial aretes above I-80.

If this is purgatory, it’s beautiful.

And it is.  I still have full cell phone coverage.  I’m embraced in the bosom of the wilderness and yet the technology of human haste thrums through this valley in cars trains and wireless bandwidths carrying the same almost entirely inane soup of commerce and desire that we are constantly bathed in in the Bay Area.  And here I am blogging you on my mini super computer.

I came here to heal.  This is the perfect place to heal.  Purge-atory. I can feel my desperation to get away from all this hectic day to day rhythm and just live simply wandering through the woods.  I feel my desperate longing for a different, better life than I have.

Yet this is my life.  And I LOVE my life!  Unease and all.  I am here, energy socketed into the granite rock at my back and the dirt under my butt, including you, inviting you into my process of accepting life exactly how it is, especially during excruciating moments of discomfort.  If I can’t be present for those moments that come to me when I’m alone looking at my life from a distance, nobody else can, and I will spend the rest of my life running away from precisely those thoughts and feelings.

I’m weary of feeling ashamed of who and what I am.  I don’t buy the story that I am weak and alone.  I have absolute control over only one thing:  I can accept my life completely, in every moment, exactly as it is.  Bizarrely, absolute surrender to what is makes me a whole and powerful man.

I declare that I am healed.  Because I can accept anything.  Even death If he wants me now.

All of this is nature.  Including this fascinating, frustrating, addictive little device allowing me direct access to group consciousness in the form of Facebook and the Internet.

You know, if I feel into the earth through the rock under my feet,  I can feel you all and all of life more directly, more transparently, far more completely than through this machine.

So I accept both.  I accept my deep connection to my wildness in Nature. I accept that the mass insanity we live in now is a necessary evolutionary pressure to wake the f%#& up as a single unified consciousness, and realize that we are just the sense organs of the beautiful being known as Gaia.  THEN we’ll know how to take care of ourselves because we will realize that absolutely everything and everyone IS us.

I accept that I love you, because I love this life however it comes.  Because I love me, including all my immature and unsavory habits.

Done with this.  Leaving you with an invitation:

Feel me, feel all of life.  Through your feet.  In Nature.  As often as you possibly can.  It just might help you, and all of us accept that life is taking us on a ride and we CAN trust it.  Fortunately Gaia is vastly more intelligent than we are!  She always has us connected on the inner-net.  If we tune her in we can tell that we actually already are awake.  It’s just changing the channel!!!

“Holistic”, “Frequency”, “Vibration”, “Coherence”

“Holistic”, “Frequency”, “Vibration”, “Coherence”

All these words have become so over-used that it is hard to understand what anyone means by them any more.  Putting them together in a sentence might be equally meaningless but I’m going to do it anyway:

Holistic Healing means raising the frequency and coherency of your vibration!

Holistic is a term redundant to the term Health if you remember what “Health” means, which is to “be whole”.  I think it’s easy to forget what that really means.  To borrow from the great modern buddhist saint Thich Nhat Hanh, to “be whole” means to experience one’s self as “inter-being” with everything else.  As he and other great teachers so eloquently illustrate, we can’t ever really be truly separate from our parents, our food, the water, the earth, the air, the stars, bacteria, each other, anything at all.  Because all these things interpenetrate us in some extremely intimate way.

Why does everything interpenetrate everything else?  Because everything is a vibrating wave pattern of more or less coherent energy which is vibrating at different speeds (frequencies).  Frequency refers to how many times a wave goes up and down within a measure of time.  Air vibrates faster than rock. There is more air in a rock than there is rock in the air because air vibrates faster, which gives air more opportunities to enter the rock even if it can only enter a tiny bit.  Human beings feeling depression have electro magnetic emanations (the aura) that vibrate more slowly than those feeling joy.  They will tend to stay depressed and feel more isolated than a joyful person because they will absorb less joy frequency than joyful people.  Likewise the joyful person will be less affected by the slow frequency of a depressed person because their higher frequency will dilute the lower frequency more.

Think of it this way:  Modern physics as well as all ancient religions have come to the same conclusion: Space (pure nothingness, emptiness) has the highest vibratory rate of any “thing” in perceptible reality.  Not that you can really perceive “nothing” but such is the paradox trying to comprehend our “reality”.  According to modern quantum theory, one cubic centimeter of vacuum contains more energy than all detectable matter in the entire universe.  Energy means frequency. The wave patterns in the vacuum vibrate faster than anything else. Space interpenetrates everything more than anything else. Absolutely every last “thing” we can perceive of (or deduce as existing: like atoms and subatomic particles), even a rock contains 99.9999999% empty space.  Actually, everything IS space much much more than anything is a “thing”. So this means, oddly, the more you include and interpenetrate everyone and everything into your experience of life every moment of every day, the more likely it is that the frequency of your electro-magnetic aura will rise!  Conversely, the more you attempt to exclude any experience, person or thing from your life, the more isolated you feel and the lower your frequency and the less “alive” you feel.

Now I invite you to go back and read that paragraph slowly, so you can focus on the SPACE in the words.  Words are more like things than what I am transmitting through the words which is the energy of space!

BIG caveat!!  There is such a thing as coherency too.  To be coherent means that the frequency level of your vibration is sustaining a steady rate. Higher frequencies are more complex, more inclusive and more stable. This must be so for something as incomprehensibly large as the universe to exist at all.  If you experience lower frequencies that conflict often enough with your own frequency levels, yours will tend to drop to the lowest common steady state.  This is why people that want to control others through fear control the media so they can barrage us with horrible, fearful stories (low frequency vibrations) and exclude the far more prevalent uplifting stories.  Mind you, fear is an evolutionary necessity.  After all, people only try to control others so they can feel safe. Fear has allowed humans to survive long enough to gain a sense of freedom of choice. The next evolutionary step is discernment.  Discernment is the art of choosing what kind of vibration to expose yourself to on an ongoing basis so you can be coherent (maintain a steady rate) at a higher, more complex and inclusive frequency.  Not listening to the news all the time can keep your vibrational frequency high enough to have compassion for the people broadcasting the news.  Visiting your difficult uncle once a year for lunch can give you the spaciousness to love him without trying to change him or getting bummed by him.

If you can maintain a steady (coherent) high vibration, then it is less likely that exposing yourself to lower frequency vibrations will bring your frequency down. Space does not become things even though it interpenetrates everything.  This is why all the meditative techniques say to cultivate a sense of “spaciousness”.  Such is the paradox of “enlightenment” and the highest state of health: you cultivate higher frequency vibrations until you have no identity that separates you from anything else.  You become a unique, permanently coherent vibrating wave pattern that interpenetrates and inspires everything.  Actually, that is the only true description of what all beings already are right now.

So I will say it again:  Holistic Healing means raising the frequency and coherency of your vibration!

What is another name of the highest frequency, most permeating and spacious vibration?  The most over-used and under-utilized word of all:  LOVE

Love yourself.


Stay tuned for the next installment?:

So what do you do with all those low frequency vibes you’re still carrying around?


We Are Our Most Precious Resource

Creating the new Health Care

This week I find myself on an accidental retreat.  I am in Rancho Cucamonga, a hotbed of big box capitalism, waiting for my training in the second level of Atlas Balancing.  Through a series of re-schedulings and miscommunications I arrived here on Wednesday.  The class begins Sunday.  So here I sit in a beautiful suburban backyard full of roses and birds yet somehow so big it feels barren.  In this arid land, so much space is just dirt unless water stolen from the eastern Sierras is poured on it in wasteful amounts.  Three blocks away, interstate 15 roars like the ocean, continuously.  The kitchen has a stencil on the wall that says “never enough thyme”.

Yet somehow this place and this “stolen time” is perfect for me to articulate what I have been trying to say about the NEW way Health Care will be given.  That is the radical statement right there.  It will be given.

Because I am at the mercy of my muse (the way my brain works), I cannot write unless what I have to say is already written and then it just pours out of me.

I had to start with exploring my own motivations.  With the help of the Gene Keys and the “Venus Sequence” by Richard Rudd, I am discovering my genetic impulsion to change the agreements we humans make in groups.  I find I am exquisitely and precisely designed to bring in my portion of his idea of Synarchy into the health care system.

Synarchy is government by the cooperation of equals.  Synarchy is coming into the world through a vibrational shift out of fear and into Love. That shift is at once so subtle it is barely noticeable and so profound that it is literally dismantling our entire social structure right before our eyes.  That shift is the equality that comes when people honor each other’s uniqueness with trust.  When the shift is complete, to paraphrase from the 37th Gene Key: “Women will design a world based on the needs of young children and men will serve them by building it.”

I still wasn’t ready to write after exploring the Gene Keys,  so I rented a bike from a neighbor of the owner of our Air-BnB cottage. Kathrina Peterson (who came with me) is visiting her family with the rented car.

In search of some basic commodities,the bike has allowed me to explore the FIVE medium to gigantic malls and shopping places within a mile or two of this house. With the help of the most advanced personal technology on the planet (my iphone), I have now wandered through just about every large chain store in the US and meandered past partially built, oversized housing and apartment tracts and empty lots marked with signs declaring yet another 53,000 square foot commercial complex on it’s way.

By the way I didn’t pass a single other person on a bike. I did pass a woman pushing her baby in a carriage with her elbows as she frantically texted someone.

It took me that many malls and stores to get a knife, some flip flops, a pair of shoes and some decent organic food.  Why?  Because every single giant store is so generalized that it can only afford to stock a little of this and a little of that.  In all the bewildering variety of things, stinks, noise, EMF pollution and some VERY entertaining settings, it is almost impossible to find what you need.

Everything in today’s economy of scale is driven by computerized calculations of trends of consumption.  We humans have been reduced to some sort of gigantic digestive tract designed to push as much as possible material wealth to a smaller and smaller group at the top of the income scale. I have great admiration for the energy and vision it takes to create these Rancho Cucamonga types of places but the limitations of this system are becoming obvious everywhere.

Great swathes of the less visited Maxi Malls are empty, tiles falling off, fake doric columns peeling paint. A large unused, overstuffed outdoor rocking couch spilling it’s artificial guts and tattered awning all over the artificially sustained lawn because it’s owners in the over-large apartment have no time to sit in it given the time it takes to commute to where they make barely enough money to go on living there.  Besides, what would they watch?  The traffic?

And yes, our health care system is suffering the same fate.  We get less, more generic and almost completely impersonal service that costs more and does not promote health in the least.  It’s not designed to.  It’s designed for profit.  The Affordable Care Act is a bandaid on a severed limb that is hemmorhaging money, lives and goodwill.

And yet in the midst of all this homogenized, de-personalized wasteland there are still people who go out of their way to find me a bike to rent, cheap.  There are still occasional store clerks who are actually knowledgeable and helpful in stark contrast to the bored and underpaid kids who lurk behind displays trying to avoid actually helping you to find some shoes.  People still smile at me as they trudge into Walmart.  And paradoxically, as I pedaled through the parking lots, the inspiration to write about the the health care system of the future finally gelled!

People are the answer.  Humans are resilient and inventive and when it comes down to it, they like to care about each other. We are the cells in a collective human organism undergoing metamorphosis.  The idea that we might care for each other more effectively on a small local scale is taking hold and spreading globally.  Local gardens, food and energy systems and more effective healthcare alliances are growing in the abandoned parts of cities all over the world.

Even here in Rancho C, many homes have a vegetable garden.  Here in Rancho C I am going to attend a workshop to learn a radically alternative method for aligning the actual spinal column and regaining a deep sense of connection to oneself, each other and the universe through sound code songs from a German Woman.

People are the best possible resource for healing because through our relationships, we unwind the wounds of our childhood.  In our personal relationships, we inevitably pick the right person to confront us with the way in which we felt victimized by our family system.

Every way in which we blame anyone else for how we feel contains a gift.  That gift is the understanding that when we give the “other” what we would like to be given, we are giving ourselves the world we want to live in.  Through the radical friendship of Equals based in trusting in each other’s unique gifts and abilities we will create a world based on giving rather than controlling. When Synarchy takes hold, the social priorities will be caring for the children, each other and the Earth.

So how do we get there from here?  It starts with appreciating through words and actions the people who still care enough to be kind and helpful. It starts with owning the pain from our childhood as our own best response to the situation at the time and not blaming the people who reminded us of that pain for how we feel.

It starts with seeing that it is NOT normal to be in emotional pain and defensive your whole life for fear of being hurt…again.  It starts with listening to ourselves and each other with compassion and looking for ways to accept each other and give something to ourselves and the “other” that feels good.  It starts when we understand that there are no “others”: that we are all creating this dream together and that when I am generous, my dream is a significant contribution to changing the collective dreaming.

And it starts when we base at least some of our business on giving rather than bargaining.  You see this everywhere now, especially in grocery stores. I like to call it the “generosity economy”.  This is the ground floor the new Health Care will be built on.  Giving Care and service with the understanding that to help someone else heal is to heal yourself.

Yours in gratitude,

David Kitts

Yin, Yang and the Human Extragenic Structure

By David Kitts, L.Ac.

For the First Core Individuation tm Conference 1 /14-16/2005

Introduction, Exposition of Theories, Cool Tools and a New Finding

Being an acupuncturist by training, I have been forced to become concerned with accuracy. Being an artist in nature, my mind is inspired by and works with images and vibrations. So I find myself as a practitioner of Core Individuation tm appreciating the procedures that I find to be consistent and reproducible and the elegant images of the human extragenic structure that resonate with my visions of truth. This also true for my practice of traditional Asian acupuncture medicine, as well as traditional western concepts of physics, anatomy and physiology (both at the macro and cellular levels). When I find correspondences in all three areas of study, I begin to feel I am onto a way to communicate my ideas to many different sorts of people that they will not automatically dismiss. That said, here are my theories, woven together (in classic beta substructure fashion) from the study of Core Individuation tm, Traditional Asian acupuncture theory, and Western Science.

1) The Human Extragenic Structure (and everything else) is a Hologram.

2) YIN and YANG are locations, movements and exchanges of energy within the hologram.

3) CORE awareness is what makes the hologram forms appear to be, yet it does not actively create and is not contained by form.

4) All forms have membranes which actively relate (YANG) to the outside environment and evoke reformation of the internal (YIN) environment.

5) Healing is being AWARE that we can choose (Yang) to change anything about our form (YIN) by focusing our attention on what we want to change into.

6) We focus our attention from the soul membrane, and it’s internal extensions: the core sheath, the template, and the rest of the conductive connective tissue of the HES.

7) The Extragenic structures we work with as practitioners of Core Integration are more YANG and therefore easily changed. Because they are more YANG , changing them has a powerful affect that can change even the densest YIN part of our structures.

Cool Tools :

1) Light needles and why they work.

2) Template expansion strategies.

 New Finding:

Implants (for lack of a better word).


1) As in the human physical body (but not physical), the larger HES is a distinct, roughly spherical form made up of layers divided by membranes connected by tubes which conduct (extragenic) substances through the layers and communicate to the exterior of the shape through pores and hair like structures. The HES, like the physical body, is temporal. At some point it ceases to exist in the same recognizable form. Inside the body, all structures are made of roughly spherical cells which are constantly dying and being formed, inside of which are more layers, membranes and tubes that conduct substances through the layers and communicate with the external environment from the surface of the cell. Inside the cells are roughly spherical atoms consisting of insubstantial but distinct zones in which their roughly spherical electrons, neutrons and protons blink into and out of existence. At the planetary, solar system and galactic level we see roughly the same thing over and over. The macrocosm reiterates the microcosm. The best possible description of this phenomenon that I’ve run across is that every form is a hologram. A hologram is a form that is made up of parts that contain not only the essence, but also the form of the entire hologram. Each part IS the whole hologram, yet exists within an infinite series of larger holograms, which on the scale of eternity, constantly blink into and out of existence. The Buddha called this the emptiness of form and the form of emptiness. Thich Nhat Hanh calls this the emptiness of a separate existence and gives the hologram the name “Interbeing”. In terms of an individual body, this means that every part of the body that can be seen to be a “part” reflects and “contains” the whole rest of the body, and any other part. That’s why putting a needle in your shin can relax your shoulders if it’s placed in the part of the shin that reflects the shoulders.

2) As in acupuncture theory, Yang (expansive, active, high frequency vibration and insubstantial) energy is constantly moving into and through the Human Extragenic Structure HES from the top down and the outside in, becoming Yin (dense, slow frequency vibration, liquid- solid, and embodied), which then moves back up and through the inside out the HES, becoming Yang again.

3) The CORE consciousness/awareness does not have direction, nor does it have a real location since it is beyond all phenomena and experience, and is the pure awareness of it and the source of the experience of form and emptiness. This corresponds to the Dao, God, Brahman, and the quantum soup of all possibilities. The Core sheath gives CORE awareness the appearance of a tube-like location within the polarized swirling energy/matter complex that is the Human Extragenic Structure. The embodied perspective from within the HES gives the CORE awareness a filament-like appearance in the infinitely larger Universe(s). AWARENESS of form seems to make form appear to be there, yet on the quantum level of the tiny particles, which make up all matter, and on the scale of eternity, everything blinks into and out of existence except Awareness. Awareness is empty of form or location, which is the YIN principle of the appearance of form and action or creativity, which is the YANG principle of the appearance of form. Awareness may have a particle associated with it that does have mass and energy: the neutrino. Neutrinos are infinitesimally small particle that is so small and travels at such high speeds that the uncountable zillions of them pass right through everything without harming them. Yet perhaps they may inform everything of everything else they have passed through, therefore being the unifying agent of the quantum hologram. My speculation is that awareness is eventually withdrawn from any form or action out of sheer boredom and the desire to constantly experience something new in eternity, thus every appearance ceases to exist. At the level of pure awareness, anything is possible. “Seek and ye shall find, ask and it is given.” At the level of form, not everything is probable and manifestation takes time.

4) The membranes that divide our layers and our supposedly “separate” selves are actually what connect us to the parts of ourselves, our environment and every other being. Cellular membranes allow cells to selectively absorb particles, liquids and electrons from their environment turning them into cell structures, and to selectively excrete them from their internal environment. Cell membranes contain protein structures that penetrate its waterproof barrier. These record stimuli from outside the cell and communicate via RNA to the inside of the cell and the nucleus through tubes, evoking a response from the libraries of information stored in the DNA. The DNA then responds, sending RNA to turn on the factories that make proteins, which do any work, the cell needs to respond to the stimulus from outside, including making new DNA that contains information that wasn’t there before the stimulus. Thus the membranes are the active director of the reshaping of the cell. This is the movement of the Yang active principle from the membrane into the dense Yin library-nucleus and protoplasm of the cell and coming back out again in the form of an active response. The same description could be applied to me, the active principle, impinging on the keyboard interface (membrane) of my computer, recording on and evoking responses from the hard drive disk resulting in this new form: my presentation. Without a cell membrane, the cell cannot exist.

The same is true of our HES. The soul membrane is our interface with the vast universe and re-creates our structure in response to the universe.

5) Healing is remembering that our CORE awareness is not constrained by any condition we find ourselves in. By simply being aware of what appears to be true about us, we can choose to change that appearance by using the active YANG principle of our form: focusing our awareness into form. When we do this, we call it focusing our attention. We truly can have, do and be anything that we focus our attention on, since focusing our attention into our form or the form of “the world” can modify the shape, content and response of that YIN form.

6) We focus attention from our soul membrane, which is the most active, external YANG aspect of the HES. Information travels from the universe into the HES through the villi and pores of the tubes of the template fibers to our Core sheath, contacting our (hard drive) Brain/Solar Plexus/Central Nervous System for storage and the creation of new extragenic and physical tissues and responses. Instantaneous change can happen in any aspect of the HES including the physical form just by becoming aware of what is there. Some changes may be highly improbable, but even if it takes time, the most improbable changes can take place if you focus your attention (active YANG principle) on what you want to change into.

7) Fortunately for us practitioners of Core Individuation tm, we are working largely with Extragenic structures that are more YANG and active and therefore more easily changed with our focus of witnessing what is there for a client, and their focus of wanting to change. Because these structures are more YANG , when the client releases constriction in them, allowing more energy to come into the body, even the physical YIN form can change rapidly. This is because the dense physical body will always express the movement or constriction of movement in it’s shape and function. All we are doing as practitioners is witnessing (being aware of) what is there in a person and exploring whether and how they would like to change it. We’re helping them rewrite the instructions they’ve been giving their bodies. Once they decide to change, it is already done, even if it appears to take time.


That’s the theory. Now for some fun ways to work with it!

1) LIGHT NEEDLES. (Inspired by Desda’s “Using Intention to Work with Interactive Light”).You don’t have to be an acupuncturist to play with and get results from light needles. All you have to understand is two things.

One : The body always knows what it needs to release constraints on the nourishing flow of YIN and YANG energy. All you have to do is dowse for what it knows.

Two : Energy flows through from one location to the other in the body-hologram because of polarity (Above/below, front/back, right/left, inner/outer, core/edge, and absolute center). One “location” cannot exist without it’s opposite. Remember, awareness has no location.

To use a light needle, first witness what is. Then invite the client to change if they want to. Their intention will always help.

Say someone’s head hurts. Energy will always change more quickly if you focus the client’s attention on a spot that is the most opposite from the congested spot. The head is the spot highest and most external YANG part of their body, so it follows that the most effective points for headache are on the hands and feet which are relative to the head, more extreme YIN. By the same logic, the abdomen also works really well some times! As their attention shifts to the spot you press, energy is already moving out of their head, relieving the congestion. Attention directs the movement of energy.

Now play with the hologram. Is the pain on the sides of their head? Press some spots on the sides of their hands or feet. (The sides of the hands are what is most lateral on your feet or posterior when you rest your hands at you sides, in other words: on the pinky side.) Does their head hurt more in the center of their forehead? Then try the famous spot in the webs of their thumbs (closer to the center of both of their hands if they are held together. Since we have two hands and only one head then we have to put both of the hands together to represent the head.). Does it hurt more deep inside their head? Then try some spots above, below and on either sides of their navel (closer to the most inside aspect of the body). See how it works?

Once you find a spot(s) that works by immediately changing their experience of pain and congestion, dowse for what wavelength (angstrom) of light the body will find most useful to move the energy stuck in the other spot.

1 to 4000 angstroms are very short wavelength and therefore extremely high frequency vibration, invisible white (ultra violet) light. 4000 to 8000 angstroms cover the spectrum of visible light from violet to red. 4000 to 4.500 is violet, 4,500 to 4,900 is blue, 4,900 to 5,400 is green, 5,400 to 5,800 is yellow, 5,800 to 6,300 is orange, 6,300 to 7,000 is red, 7,000 to 8,000 is deep red some people can see. Above 8000 is very large wavelength, very low frequency, invisible (infra red) light moving into black. My experience is that most people need needles somewhere in the white (3,000 to 4,000) range, because they are more active, and therefore stimulate more change. Some people seem to need the grounding of lower frequency light in some areas.

Place the light needle at the depth that was most effective with pressure, using your intention to create a generator that keeps producing that wavelength of light as long as it is appropriate for it to be there. Lately, I have been intending that the frequency will shift as the body requires for more effectiveness. Now let go and enjoy the fact that the needles are still working to relieve the congestion or pain even though you have stopped pressing the point!

So far, I haven’t seemed to be able to get the effects of light needles to last much longer than the effect of placing regular needles (that is, three to five days). I’ve asked the body how long it would like the needles to be there and placed them for up to 3 weeks, but they don’t seem to stay. If you have any insights into why this is or how to get them to last longer, let me know! It may just be that stimulating the body that long just isn’t what it wants, but you’d think I’d get a different answer when I ask about time then. That’s why I’ve sort of given up on setting the time of needle retention lately. This is a work in progress. The cool thing is , it works! I’ve treated skeptical teenagers and unbelieving curmudgeons and they always, consistently feel better whether or not they think it should work. Eventually, most of them don’t argue with results and give up needing to believe in it or not.

2) Template Expansion Strategies.

Desda’s recent insights into the structure and function of the template inspired these observations when I worked with people’s templates recently:

The internal fibers of the template strands are the most YANG aspect of the HES since they extend into the external environment as the villi at the edge of the Soul membrane.

The external/structural tubes of the template strands that anchor on the inside of the soul layer and at the star point in the abdomen, can expand and contract the shape of the entire HES.

Sometimes the strands become disconnected from the soul layer edge and lose this function. Sometimes, they can pull the Soul layer membrane all the way into the physical body, forming a deep invagination. When this happens, I believe it may sometimes be an effort of the HES to heal itself, especially when the physical form experiences severe trauma. Since the SLE is the most active YANG part of the HES, the physical body may require it’s protection and ability to activate healing change at the site of injury. What this adaptation does however is to remove whole sections of the external surface of the HES from contact with the external environment. All the sensory and structural tissues become part of the internal environment. Short term, this is not a problem. But it seems that sometimes, the natural releasing of the healing and protective invagination back out to it’s correct location at the outer surface of the HES does not happen. Then the adaptation itself becomes a problem, because a highly active YANG part of the structure is stuck inside what should be a dense, slow and relaxed part of the structure. This may be related to irritation, inflammation and other problems of hyperactive function, perhaps even cancer. The person is also deprived of the external capacities of a whole section of their SLE, which includes the ability to sense their environment and receive universal energies, since that is stuck inside their structure.

So, when coaxing someone’s template to expand, it is useful to observe where the fibers are expanding to. If they are expanding with a whole section of previously invaginated soul layer membrane, then be sure to ask the internal fibers to extend all the way out into their function as receivers of universal energy. I also ask all the other contracted structures (layers, spongy membranes etc.) along the way to puff up into their most useful expanded shape.

Of course, if it turns out that the structural fibers of the template need attaching to the inner membrane of the soul layer, do that, but also check if the internal fibers need to be coaxed into re-expanding back out into the universal layer.

Be cautious and do not force anything. A person’s soul layer membrane may need to stay contracted somewhat for sometime longer. Just note if it does not expand all the way and check on it later. Finish the procedure as Desda prescribes.

3) . A NEW (?) FINDING

I’ve recently discovered an invasive energy that was pointed out to me by a new friend of mine. Since he calls them “implants”, I will use this term, though I do not like it much. Nor do I know what to make of the idea that “aliens” are putting them in us to experiment with us, much as we put tracking devices on animals. From their size, shape and locations, however, I think this is a working definition of what they are.

Implants do not read as astral for me. But once I included them in what to look for when assessing if there are invasive energies, they do show up as a low “energetic weight”. They are (so far) mostly lozenge shaped, rather smooth, gray green/dull silver in color and often have long fibers that extend into surrounding structures, as if to gather information. When I ask, I always get that they do not belong there and that it is permissible to remove them. They seem to be in places where a person has been injured or traumatized, and sometimes seem to be the cause of traumas or pain that is mysterious in origin

I remove them using surgical SLE gloves and by surrounding them with ULL, which separates them from the person’s, body structures. Then I remove them and hand them to an angel for disposal much as I would any other foreign debris. When implants are removed, a person’s physical range of motion is always improved, and sometimes even long term pain simply vanishes. I then ask for the person to intend that they reclaim and replace any of their own energy in the area that was displaced by the implant. Finish with INT and BL of course! I’m open to everybody’s observations and explanations of what implants might actually be, how they got there and how they work!


Hello world!


Hello all,

Here’s a letter I sent to the President and all our CA reps and Sen. Baucus regarding Healthcare reform.  I think both insurance based and government based healthcare systems are out of date and ineffective and that at this point in our history both need to be co-opted into a much more effective system of, by and for the people.  The argument for single payer will only polarize people.  We need to give ourselves what we need: Healthcare that is really about the health needs that each of us have in our own home towns.  If we do that , then the governments and businesses will have to get on board with us as we vote with our dollars and our energy.  I’d love to hear what you think.

David Kitts L.Ac.

Dear Representative Woolsey,

Thank you for your dedicated service to our region. Here is a letter I just drafted to Sen. Max Baucus regarding his “Call to Healthcare Reform”. Please let me know if you would support our efforts in our beloved corner of California. You can see the beginnings of our plan at

Thanks again!

Dear Senator,

I was excited by the news in the last two days that you are considering “member-owned co-operatives” as an option that may be palatable to both sides of the aisle. Very little detail was offered as to what this actually is, so I offer you my idea which, like yours, is very much a work in progress:

Practitioners own a for-profit branch of locally based health-membership organizations. The administration of these local organizations is facilitated by a non-profit local corporation that is supported by the local, state and federal governments. This locally based system is the only way that we can really generate the vitality and flexibility that each locality needs.

We are a collective of Holistic Health practitioners starting a prototype of this system right now in our own little town of Fairfax California. At this embryonic stage, we are simply offering some of our time and services at a steeply discounted rate starting at $20. We are working in one room to save rent and foster cooperation amongst practitioners.

The big vision is a participatory, membership-driven healthcare system in which people can guarantee lifetime coverage by using affordable health-enhancing services on a regular basis. This way they are rewarded for keeping themselves healthy rather than avoiding healthcare because of it’s expense. Practitioners are also healthier in this model because they have income they can count on as owners of the system, allowing them to afford rest, regeneration and continuing education.

I truly believe that a Holistic understanding that the health of all people and indeed the entire biosphere are crucial to caring for the health of each individual.

Will you support me and people like me all over the country who are looking to create healthy vibrant society of the future?


David Kitts, Licensed Acupuncturist
Lagunitas, California

What is health?  Having joy and vitality in your life on a consistent basis, regardless of circumstances.

-David Kitts