Is Working with Me Right for You?

I am a natural healer. Yet I am not the source of my talent. It comes through me, I get out of the way and I partner with you to help you move through challenges and release trauma. My gift is to help you uncover the gifts that seem to be hidden in your wounds.

As an acupuncturist by training, I have to be accurate applying my skill. Being an artist by nature, I am inspired to do my work through touch, movement, images and vibrations (sound, color, temperature etc).

I’m inspired by the idea that core awareness is not constrained by our personal history or circumstances. This core awareness can be applied without any personal agenda from the outermost membrane or edge of our energy-body structure, creating a compassionate and truly safe container for healing.

By focusing attention/awareness together on what appears to be true about you, we can find the texture, temperature, and most importantly the accurate location of the energy pattern that is temporarily out of harmony with your true nature. Accurately locating the trauma in your soul anatomy is key because it allows you to completely accept your condition exactly as it is. Listening to that energy pattern together with unconditional compassion gives your energy structure the option of seeing that the wound you have been experiencing contains a gift.

That gift is the perception that your true nature was always there holding you, accepting even your pain. When you accept that nothing was wrong about your wound, then together we can feel the old energy pattern change and move out of your structure from the locations it was held. Then your gifts can flower in your life because they are not constrained by your resistance to pain.

If it is right for you to work with me, you will be drawn to me somehow. If you are, I look forward to the dance we will create together as we uncover and nourish your magnificent divine nature!

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Uniquely Collective

Everything about a human body, including the spiritual anatomy, is completely collective. 

The assertion the “We Are One” is demonstrably true. Every cell in every being on earth is created by the same 64 genetic code program from the same material elements from this planet: minerals, gasses, organic compounds and water. The same photons from the Sun and the same neutrinos from the same universe and the same multiverse.

We are literally inhabiting a vehicle that is “on loan” to us as we journey through the illusory element we perceive as time. It’s even always the same “now”.

Yet a third of the genetic code creates the sense of individuality in our body types and personalities. That’s because change happens one person at a time. The universe gives everyone uniqueness, not just because all possibilities must be tried on the journey to a perfected form that is pretty much immortal. It gave us individual response-ability to transform the expressions of the genetic code that lead to decay and destruction.

It is each of us individually taking on the willingness to witness the dark deeds that have been done to living beings and seeing that evil, death and destruction are as much of the path to perfection as constructive actions that support the health of all life.  By being open to the whole messy process of evolution, the deeply healing energies of the Siddhi’s of the 64 genetic imperatives trickle into the world.

The individual is where the only leverage is on the evolutionary path to a perfect spirit in a perfect form that does not decay or deteriorate.  Ironically, there is nothing to do or choose.  The choice is only to delay or hasten the process by resisting or not resisting the experience of the collective suffering you came here to transform with your Compassion, Mindfulness and Forgiveness.

It is the individual that points out the flaw in seeing flaws. It is the individual that challenges fear-based entrenched laws that actually destroy the health of the collective rather than protect it.  It’s the individual that can see that understanding the viewpoint of those they disagree with doesn’t mean that their own viewpoint is invalid. It’s the individual that can allow other’s strident upset while staying open the to possibility for all concerns to be met.

The collective can only share its protection, its food, its experience of the past and its ability to predict patterns that will continue into the future. Obviously these are critical for the survival of the species, but it is the individual that can make the space for transformation of wounds that keep humans as a whole suffering in the same destructive patterns.  And all an individual has to do is witness what is going on without judgement.  That is what creates the space for understanding and farsightedness to hold to a vision of the future that supports every form of life everywhere.

It is only the individual that can empower the collective to hold paradoxical and diametrically opposed points of view until the common goals are perceived instead of the dividing differences.

Then of course we will realize completely there is only one being.

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Fear is Safe (part 2)

Reclaiming Inner Authority

“Fear is Safe” is a direct quote from Richard Rudd, founder of the Gene Keys, but here is another: “Fear does not feel safe, but it is safe to feel fear”.  This is the “Eye of the Needle” I am negotiating right now.  How do I personally maintain calm when everyone is still in an elevated state of alarm most of the time?

Bren and I have been “sheltering in place” in one of the most beautiful places you can imagine. We can swim any time we want and our backyard is a tropical paradise. Yet even here on Maui, it feels more like “lockdown” sometimes.

I really have to watch my attitude to avoid the old bad habit of shaming myself for feeling oppressed by this situation.  Shame as a knee jerk reaction just distracts me from my inner knowingness with an addiction to stress, self-recrimination and sensory overload. Thankfully, this is now quite boring to me and I’d much rather feel my pain and move through it than find ways to go numb so I can tolerate existence.

It’s quite extraordinary to be on a zoom conference with people from around the world and realize, that with few exceptions, we are all experiencing some version of the same restrictions hastily imposed by “the authorities” we empower to protect us.  And some version of the reactions and responses from our fellow citizens, some of which are very uplifting and some of which can feel even more repressive than the rules.

If ever a situation was more clearly collective, I’ve never heard of it before. Yet I still take it personally sometimes. Because I am human, my fears stir up my traumas from my past. All the ways in which I agreed not to be true to myself in order not to upset some volatile someone who had control over my food and safety and approval.

Actually, I believe this is what is happening at a collective level right now.  The World Wide Web is facilitating a deep cleansing of the collective traumatic scars of humanity. In Sanskrit these are called Sanskaras, and in the revelations of the Gene Keys and Human Design, they are seen as being stored in the “Non-Coding” or “Junk” DNA that makes up at least 70%  of all the DNA of every single cell in our body.

To be clear: the COLLECTIVE traumas are held in our own cell’s DNA. This means that what we are experiencing collectively is deeply and inextricably PERSONAL.  Everything that humanity has been through is stirred up right now for each and every one of us.  It’s quite overwhelming and it’s no surprise that every possible response from polemic raging to deep compassion is clearly on display in the social media. 

I feel quite deeply that this is ultimately a great thing because many more of us are becoming aware that humanity is actually one single awareness on a global level.  Yet this begs the question: what do we do with all this fear that feels so oppressive, that comes from such a long, long history of unspeakable trauma that just goes on and on?

Things were relaxing somewhat around here and we went down to the shore to watch the sunset for the first time in weeks.  We sat down to rest just for a while (big no no) and looked up to see a drone hovering over us.  We hastily got up and went home and we both felt so triggered that we literally dropped into a “morbid depression”! 

After passing out for 3 hours and getting up, determined to be the one in charge of my own vibration, here’s an answer that came out of  me exploring the heart of my feeling of oppression.  May it be useful for you, or at least stimulate something healing for yourself in your own way!  I call it “Defusing the Mindfield”. 

I also created a healing protocol for this that is available in my free Thursday classes or by request.  It is really a very simple procedure but it requires a lot of explanation that I will include here. The procedures offered in the class are a prerequisite for this one, so I request that you attend a class or contact me personally if you wish to learn how to do it.

Defusing the Mindfield

What I recently realized is that whether or not the current situation is manufactured or just arose out of the unsustainable chaos of world-wide consumerism, the ultimate “response-ability” is mine and mine alone. The “truth” is probably somewhere in between these extremes.

It doesn’t make any difference if there are “super-intelligent, evil beings” that are manufacturing this crisis (and possibly the virus) in order to consolidate power and real resources and using mass surveillance to control us through our fear. “They” still have zero power over my ability to respond. 

Alternatively, if this is just some naturally arising “unseen dangerous pathogen” that will kill us all if we don’t respond drastically to beat it back, I still have my “response-ability”.  The outside is the inside, no matter what I believe, and I always have a choice about how to respond.

Here is the contemplation that is the basis for “Defusing the Mindfield”:

In Human Design and the Gene Keys, six of the Genetic Archetypes represented by the 64 Hexagrams of the ancient text of the I Ching are specifically located in the realm of the human mind and have been a critical part of our evolution as a self-reflective species.

HD and the GK’s also state that for the last 400+ years, humans have been evolving our emotional system in the Solar Plexus as the new location for a more advanced and all-inclusive form of awareness. We are learning to rely on a way of navigating reality that includes our instincts, our self-reflection AND our absolute knowledge of unity through the Ocean of Emotion.  When this crisis threw us back into “survival mode”,  all our mental fears came up in the form of anxiety.  Anxiety is worrying about the future based on what happened in the past.

Archetypes are just energies that we can call upon.  We can evoke their fears, or their gifts or their divine powers. That’s how powerful we really are.

The mind is extremely influential because it filters what “reality” is for the rest of the body. Anxiety puts the body in lockdown mode: Your self-awareness retreats to the amygdala which jacks up your adrenaline, shuts down functions that are “non-essential for survival” such as digestion, regeneration and repair of tissues, elimination of toxins, and immune responses to internal challenges. (Sound familiar?) What’s more, even if the trauma is just a memory, the body reacts as if the trauma being recalled is “happening now”, so remembering past collective traumas such as the holocaust can actually put us into severe physiological distress.

This procedure is for the purpose of “defusing” the fear-based states of mind that compress your Third Eye, prevent you from receiving your higher knowing, seeing and hearing, and compromise your health and well-being. I “saw” these fears as a kind of “Crown of Thorns” created by 6 “screws” that compress our mental viewpoint and the third eye chakra from all sides.  I created the procedure using the metaphor of “loosening the fear-screws”.

Description of the “Six Mental Anxieties”

(and the higher frequencies contained in them) I have included the traditional I Ching numbers and names of the Gene Keys outlined here:

Hexagram (Gene Key) 47 “Oppression”

“Oppression” is the quality of mental fear that comes out of the collective Sanskaras stored in the “junk DNA”.  It’s a victim posture that reinforces the need to repress all memories from the past in order to be able to “soldier on” in the present.

I see this as a screw that tightens down and compresses the view of the Third Eye Chakra from the upper right corner of the skull.

“Transmutation” is the “gift” frequency of the same genetic archetype.  It’s a deeply alchemical quality of witnessing the dark traumas of humanity that can perceive the immense value that comes from learning “How we DON’T want to feel and behave” towards one another and all living things so that we can see “how we DO want to behave” and it creates a safer and more loving world for all beings. 

All gifts are mutations of the “shadow” states. They are the unstable process of transforming the relatively stable shadow state into the stable state of the “Siddhi” or Divine Power of the Archetype.

“Transfiguration” is what happens when the collective wounds stored in your genetic lineage are all allowed to be “seen” and thereby transformed.  Your “junk DNA” is cleansed and the human body can mutate into something entirely new that can transform light into matter rather than eating other forms.

The Siddhi is obviously “in the future”, yet from the point of view of awareness, it has already happened because there is really only one “now”. So we can call upon the power of ‘Transfiguration” and every other Siddhi “now”, to help us raise our vibrational tone out of fear.

Hexagram (Gene Key) 24 “Return”

“Addiction”.  When we are unwilling and unable to witness our own trauma or our portion of the collective traumas, we try the same old strategies over and over again to drown out the pain, only to have it return redoubled.  We become addicted to the drama of shutting ourselves down and then feeling victimized by a world that “just won’t let us be ourselves.”

I see this as a screw that tightens down and compresses the view of the Third Eye Chakra from the center top of our skull.

“Invention” is a witnessing posture that arises when we are willing to pause and actually feel what we are feeling: where it is in our body, what it does to our breathing, what emotions arise when we feel the trauma.  When we pause, an entirely new response can arise to any feeling or situation that comes up.

“Silence” is the clear spaciousness of the mind that has realized that at its’ purest, it is just witnessing.  Any thoughts and commentary are just temporary sounds in the true silence of the witness.

Hexagram (Gene Key) 4 “Youthful Folly”

“Intolerance”. When none of our strategies to avoid our own pain work anymore, we assign the blame to people or groups outside of ourselves and become intolerant of anyone’s opinions that don’t match up to our own favorite collections of “facts”. Ironically, this only reinforces our fears because we have shut down our own scientific inquiry, leaving us feeling victimized and living in a very small box created by our own need to control our environment.

I see this as a screw that tightens down and compresses the view of the Third Eye Chakra from the upper Left side of the skull.

“Understanding” arises when we are able to cultivate a witnessing posture that can “see all sides of an argument” without the need to shut down either your own or the other points of view.  It creates room to come up with collective solutions to issues that embrace common values instead of focusing on differences. It also allows you to witness your own unseen points of view you have that you censored out of fear.

“Forgiveness” is one of the 7 great superpowers of Grace that heals all wounds, right back to the original traumas of the human race.  It erases the need to have “power over” anyone or anything since it reveals that all life is actually one awareness that runs through all existence, so any trauma inflicted on anything is trauma inflicted on yourself, thus all forgiveness is self-forgiveness.

Hexagram (Gene Key) 11 “Peace”

“Obscuration” is what we experience when we suppress the experience of our desires.  Any thought, feeling or desire which we avoid facing, creates an accumulative shadow that blocks our highest aspirations from ourselves and others.  It is the repressed, yet untamable desires that hide our greatest creativity.  We relegate our desires to the darkness of the closet for fear that we are unacceptable if we allow them into our awareness at all. When we do this we cloak ourselves in obscurity and live as a victim without access to the juice that really powers our dreams.

I see this as a screw that tightens down and compresses the view of the Third Eye Chakra from the lower left corner of the skull.

“Idealism” is a witnessing posture that can see that all desires arise from the desire to be free of the suffering caused by needing to maintain any identity; good, bad or indifferent. Interestingly, releasing the need to be acceptable to either yourself or anyone else allows for uniquely creative perspectives to arise through you that enrich everyone and would not be available through any other source.

“Light” is the pure quality of the mind that exists free of identification with form or emptiness.  It is the realization that all beings are simply the passage through which matter is endlessly converted into energy.

Hexagram (Gene Key) 43 “Breakthrough”

“Deafness” is the victim state that occurs when we feel that “everyone else’s fears and needs are preventing me from hearing my own inner truth”.  We become so focused on worrying about feeling unfulfilled or “knowing that I am doing something unique to me”, that we completely ignore that our periodic states of “depression” can actually silence our minds enough that we can hear the voice of our true creativity.

I see this as a a screw that tightens down and compresses the view of the Third Eye Chakra from underneath the skull, deep in the back of your throat.

“Insight” is the witness state that allows you to hear your own inner voice.  It is “Clairaudience”: the ability to trust your own inner knowing that floods out of your unique community of cells. You still hear all the noise generated by collective fears, but you don’t let it influence you.  Instead, you wait for your knowing to arise, whole and intact, from the empty space created by your waiting instead of your doing.

“Epiphany” is another of the 7 great superpowers of Grace that arises when you surrender so completely into not-knowing and deep listening that you have the sudden experience of Self as the awareness that permeates all your cells and all beings and all of existence and emptiness in the multi-verse.  It permanently opens your heart and reveals that “there are no others”, even though the way you arrive at this conclusion will be utterly unique to you.

Hexagram (Gene Key) 17 “Following”

“Opinion” Is the need to assemble the available “facts” of a situation in a way that makes you feel more secure, and then defend your point of view.  It literally shuts down your ability to see beyond your own version of reality.  It’s the proverbial “closed mind” and it’s the victim state that either buys into the collective version of the truth at the expense of any sense of self-knowledge or tries to oppose every opinion other than your own.

I see this as a screw that tightens down and compresses the view of the Third Eye Chakra from the lower right corner of the skull.

“Far-Sightedness” is the gift state of the pure witness that sees every point of view at the same time without having to resolve the oppositions and paradoxes. It shines through all self-serving Dogmas.  It is the capacity of “Clairvoyance” which is truly open-hearted and open-minded seeing.  It has the capacity to witness spherically, in every direction at once and throughout all time.  It is the opened “third eye” that sees through the unity-knowingness of the solar plexus and then organizes the logical mind’s ability to recognize patterns that predict the way the future will unfold.

“Omniscience” is the stable, pure witness state of the mind when it is freed from the need to defend its’ separate existence.  It is one of the great healing superpowers of Grace that descends into human beings to heal denial. When you can see throughout time, you can see in great detail that everything that has ever happened and is ever going to happen is all a part of the divine plan that leads to perfection, so you have no need to defend any “truth” you may believe in, nor do you have any need to deny anyone else their “truth”. 

I think you can see how these fears in particular are extremely activated by the current crisis and how trapped you can feel if you believe the fears are real.  To receive the procedure to “loosen the screws” please contact me or attend a free class.

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A Free Class for Our Times: Energetic Support for your Electro-magnetic Field and your Immune System

Dates: Thurs April 30th, Thurs May 7th and Thurs May 14th – attend one class or as many as you like.

Time: 12noon Hawaii (Convert to your time zone here)

Cost: Free – donations gratefully accepted

It is my contention that the contagious nature of this epidemic is directly aggravated by the increase in microwave radiation in our human environment.  That and the fact that we are updated with horrifying news every few minutes if we keep looking at our phones.

I can only modify how much I look at my own phone. I can’t do anything about world events or powerful people bent on exposing everyone to untested technology for profit. But I CAN offer energetic support from Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine™ that can help you negotiate a new relationship with all the artificial forms of radiation we are constantly basting ourselves in.  

Desda Zuckerman created these meditations to help her students and clients create a mutually respectful relationship with radiation of all kinds from Cosmic to 5g.

Another brilliant colleague of mine, Barbara Musser invented an energy medicine protocol specifically for people that contract COVID19.  I find that it is helpful immune support at this time even if you do not have the virus.

Every Thursday at Noon Hawaii time from now until May 15, I will offer a one hour online Zoom class.  Every class we will do a meditation to Anchor your Presence in Your Physical Body Through Your Human Energy Structure.  This is to introduce you to your much larger self so you know where to apply the energy “shields” that tell radiation to go around you rather than through you.

The class will be by donation using PayPal or Venmo or Credit card invoice. No one will be turned away. All participants must sign up by texting me your email at 415-269-0885 by 11am Hawaii time Thursday.  

This is so I can email all participants an audio recording of the returning presence meditation and PDF documents that will assist them in repeating the other meditations until you know them by heart and can apply them anywhere (like outside the Big-Box store BEFORE you go in!).

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Fear is Safe (part 1)

Or: With this much horseshit everywhere, there must be a pony somewhere!

“Fear is Safe” is a direct quote from Richard Rudd, founder of the Gene Keys, but here is another: “Fear does not feel safe, but it is safe to feel fear”. This is the “Eye of the Needle” I am negotiating right now. How do I personally maintain calm when the waves of panic sweep through every person alive several times a day?

This newsletter has been delayed because every time I thought I’d finish it, the collective fear frenzy would rise another notch, trigger my fear of herd-insanity and I couldn’t find my truth.

This is my story. May it help you on your own journey through life as these scary, brand new events unfold at lightning speed. Look for part 2 next month…I’m sure I’m going to have a lot more material by then!

At this time a year ago, I was mostly done clearing out the three infections I had gotten from a tick bite the previous summer, (not a month after returning from my first visit to Maui). I remained quite determined to move to Maui and at the same time, I was fearful that I didn’t have what it took to overcome the obstacles to getting there. I thought it would let up once I actually got here and recovered, but today, whenever I go out in the world, or read the latest instant update on my phone, or wake up at three in the morning to the unhelpful alarmist litany of my mind, I am still confronting fear.

Fear was my best teacher for the last year and a half. Lyme disease has almost the same kind of dread attached to it as the mutant coronavirus, the difference being the lightning spread of “the virus” and the constant drumbeat of fear pouring into everyone’s personal phones. In order to get well, I had to face my fear every day. In order to stay well, I have to face my fear every day. The fear of lyme last year taught me how to keep my equilibrium in the midst of physical adversity. Now, my fear of the collective, media-driven panic is teaching me to keep my equilibrium in a society in free fall.

First of all, equilibrium is not stable. It’s not a tightrope walk. It’s more like falling down skiing or surfing, getting up and falling down again and again until I learn to stay on my feet most of the time. There’s always a lurch of fear when I fall again, but my confidence grows each time I get back up and stay up a little longer. Eventually, I learn to relax into the fall too. Everyday, I thank my parents for teaching me to trust my body to learn what it needs to do, and lately I do this internally ten or twenty times every day.

One of the best things lyme taught me was how to slow down. We are all getting a crash course in that now. I was forced to pace myself, to reduce my time at work, even though I felt more stable working. Paradoxically my practice became more profitable and my self-limited schedule was always full.

This crisis is paradoxical in a similar way, I am forced to take a time-out when every cell in my body seems to be screaming at me to DO SOMETHING to secure safety in my near future. Most of my friends have already sent out offerings of support to their email lists and I commend them for being pro-active! For myself, I felt the need to pause long enough to find my truth again before writing to you.

One of my most astounding discoveries in the last three weeks was that I can trust even corruption and red tape. Corruption is the tribal response to the fear of chaos: clamp down, make stricter rules. Red tape happens then: illogical limitations to personal freedom in the name of public safety.

It took me an entire year to meet the requirements to practice Acupuncture in Hawaii. I had to complete 160 hours of “supervised practice” and write up 5 case histories of 10 sessions each, AND pass two tests for the national license even though I had been granted the National License which Hawaii requires (all this after 32 years of supporting myself as a sole proprietor Licensed Acupuncturist in California which has the strictest requirements in the country).

Because of bureaucratic complications and my own incredible resistance to the process, I had to take those two tests 5 days before we moved to Hawaii January 20th. Then they took 2 whole months to tell me I passed. During that time, I kept facing my fear that I wouldn’t be able to practice here because of stupid rules and my incompetence.

I got the news that I passed the tests and can now apply for a license the same week that the governments all over the world shut down. So consider this: If I had passed the test in time to practice when I got here and didn’t feel as much necessity to build up my online Energy Medicine practice, I would have been out of work now, just as I was getting started. Every obstruction, frustration and irritation was actually perfectly orchestrated to support me during this time of unprecedented crisis.

Much Love, Respect and Gratitude to you during this trying and magical time,

David Kitts

“Incredibly, when you trust in chaos and allow your environment to mutate you, rather than trying to control it and stay the same, the greatest magic is revealed to you — that in chaos there is and always has been a vast underlying transformative order.” -Richard Rudd


Meet Ilana Trumbull, L.Ac. | Healing Trees Acupuncture

If you feel you have benefited from the work I have done with you and would like to continue to feel better as well as continue to support me in unfolding my dreams, then please get some healing acupuncture and health care from the brilliant Ilana Trumbull, who is purchasing my practice.

You can reach her at 510-501-3813 and Ilana@healingtreesacupuncture.com

For some months to come, every session you have with her will be supporting me as I build my practice here on Maui. We both intend to collaborate with you as she takes over your treatments, so please understand that I will continue to be part of your care during the transition.

Ilana Trumbull L.Ac. took over my practice on January 8th in the same office at 45 San Clemente Suite D 130, Corte Madera. Ilana was and is my dear friend for over 10 years and was an indispensable partner in my 7 year experiment with Community Wellness Center (CWC) where some of you were seeing me. She will also continue to see patients there at 751 Center Blvd in Fairfax on Tuesday mornings.

She was the first person I thought of to take over my practice and she immediately agreed to buy it. I take that as a sign that she is the right person. I strongly encourage you to receive your acupuncture therapy from her. Her energy is in some ways even more nurturing than mine, and she brings a unique brilliance to her practice of acupuncture and energy medicine. She has met many of you already and is looking forward to meeting more of you!

Ilana will be accepting some insurance so please be sure to ask her if she is able to bill yours.

Ilana Trumbull, M.S., L.Ac., has practiced Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine since the year 2000. Her practice draws on a committed meditation practice, Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique, Myofascial Release, Pilates, Yoga and QiGong. Ilana has extensive experience and specialized training in work with the active elderly, LGBTQI community, brain injury, trauma treatment, anxiety/depression, community medicine, palliative care and cancer care. Integrating spirit is always at the forefront of her work and to this she brings a rich background in the wisdom traditions of Jewish, Buddhist and Unitarian Universalist practices.

She works calmly and openly with families and individuals as they traverse the passages of life and death. Ilana’s acupuncture offers a unique window into living fully and vibrantly. She is associated with the East Bay End of Life Doula Network https://www.endoflifedoulas.care/ with a commitment to walking with the living in planning conscious dying and dying with dignity.

Please note: If you have been seeing me in the last year or so, your files are being held in keeping by Ilana. If you would prefer she NOT get your records, please contact Ilana! She will not access your files unless you contact her and sign a release giving her permission to do so. Mahalo.

Testimonial from Bren: Ilana was always the first person I made a beeline for when David was out of town. She is a lovely person and a nurturing and gifted acupuncturist.

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First month on Maui: The Outside is the Inside is the Outside

You know the joke about the monk that gave the hot dog vendor $20 to “make him one with everything” and when asking for his change, was told “change comes from within?”

Maui is a volcano 15 miles from the most active “hot spot” on planet earth where lava continuously pours out of the depths of the earth to create new land. It’s the second Island in the tallest chain of mountains on Earth (measured from the sea-floor) in the middle of the largest expanse of Ocean. You could say the Hawaiian Islands are the “navel” of the Earth. The inside of the planet is always becoming the outside, more obviously here than on the continents.

Getting to and being on Maui has been a truly volcanic process, and the joke is on me. Any and all discrepancies and incongruities in the way I want to live and the way I actually live are in my face.

Despite Bren and I doing our absolute best to make letting go of California life a smooth transition, we both got stressed beyond our limits and got sick. The only thing more stressful I have ever done was help my wife die.

Nonetheless, we pulled it off and arrived at a beautiful, affordable RV with deck in a garden setting filled with birds, 4 minutes from the beach and 6 minutes from the most masterful bodyworker either of us have ever experienced. We bathed in the warm ocean and whale song, received transformational body healing, gorged on pineapple, papaya, passion fruit and amazing fish tacos and began to feel like we really did land in paradise!

Not so fast! We’d never lived in an RV so when it was a little smelly, we thought “well, no big deal, now we know we don’t want to live in an RV!” Then one night we came home from an amazing double healing session, feeling the best we had felt so far, and had to close all the windows because it was raining hard. And the RV stank. It was so bad we had to turn on all the fans just to be able to breathe enough to sleep. It was like sleeping in the last row of seats in a jet next to the engines and the toilets. We felt poisoned and betrayed and like we might get sick all over again.

Our landlords were mystified, said it had never been that bad for them, tried all sorts of deodorizers and pumped the tank but nothing worked. It wasn’t until I crawled under the RV naked and discovered a kloodgied grey water drain pipe was holding stagnant water and belching swamp gas back into the RV that I was able to create a proper angle to allow the water to drain and 90% of the stench cleared.

Another day Bren and I are waiting outside the port office to have a tow truck take her car to the mechanic shop. (Turns out the dock workers in California had killed both batteries in her electric car somehow, probably by leaving the key in for weeks). I started to complain about the petty tyrant that guarded the gate and had imperiously ordered us to “go away and come back at 1pm sharp.” At 1:03 the tow truck driver shows up and I go to start my car and it won’t start. It’s never done that once in 17 years. And it won’t start until Bren says “beg for mercy!” Boom, starts right up and has never been a problem again.

Here’s what I feel is really going on: We came here to live our dreams into reality and to share our process so others can see it is possible for them to do the same. We came here to start over and let go of all our old stories and our attachments to our tension and resentments about what appears to be “other peoples” negligence, stupidity, obstruction and unfairness. Any way I tell myself an old story that I am oppressed by anyone or any circumstance will IMMMEDIATELY become “truth” here until I see it as myself creating that “reality.”

If my dream is to live in harmony and abundance with the land, plants, animals and my neighbors, then that very intention will bring up every old attachment I have to my fear based stories of lack and oppression until I see that I am the source of creating my life that way. There is no “slack” here. You live your dreams or your nightmares. Fortunately, as soon as I see that, the good magic I came looking for starts to happen again.

Of course it takes time. The RV still smells. Bren’s car will be fixed with a new battery because it was still under warranty so it will be like a new car!……Life is a messy process and I can feel how living here is graduate school in how to live life. Every day brings new challenges and new gifts. Aloha spirit is a daily spiritual practice!!

Torus Photo courtesy of Rick Russell; Mathematical Creations

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Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations

About a month ago, after I helped Bren through a difficult transition, she said “how do you always manage to get me through the eye of the needle like that?” Then and there, I realized that she had re-branded my practice!

So today the Sun was activating the 61st Gene Key “Inner Truth” (psychosis, Inspiration, Sanctity) in the 6th line (separation/self care/nature) and I took my psychotic Acupuncture exams on the windowless 7th floor of an office building with 5000 cars in the parking lot and 2 empty spaces to park in. To get in you have to get your palms and face photographed, have two forms of ID, turn out your pockets, roll up your sleeves and pull up your pant legs and put all your stuff except your ID and glasses in a locker. If you take a break, you have to do it all over again.

The 61 is a hexagram of the classic “Book of Changes” known as the “I Ching”, it’s the first one shown above. You’ll notice it’s “eye” is half as large as the second one.

I took the nearest locker which happened to be 27 and sat in booth number 27 for both exams.

The 27th Hexagram: “nourishment” (selfishness, altruism, Selflessness) is about generosity, starting with yourself. It’s “eye” is twice as large as the 61.

So I hope I have passed through the eyes of the two needles in the 64 hexagrams after a year of turning myself inside out to meet the requirements of the Hawaii state acupuncture board.

This last month of studying while trying to wrap up 42 years of living in the Bay Area and taking the test just 5 days before I leave because…well…it just worked out that way…

Was psychotic.

But perhaps now, I am a more humble and durable servant of the greater good? Perhaps I am sharper, wiser and have learned what keeping your equilibrium in the face of corruption really is.

50 “the cauldron” “gate of values” (corruption, equilibrium, Harmony) is my personal “evolution”. Through learning to trust in the essential goodness of all people, I am “designed” to function as an agent of social equilibrium. Corruption is transcribing the genetic need for social agreements through the lens of fear, which always results in (inadequate and often inappropriate) laws and outlaws. Trust in each other is the only path to social equilibrium.


I’m 61.

Time I matured? Does an innocent ever mature?

Hopefully I’ll be able to contribute to the people of the islands like I’ve never done anywhere else before.

May it be so.

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China Camp Land Clearing & Healing Ceremony

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On November 1st, “The Day of the Dead,” I’m going to be doing a land clearing and healing with my colleague Michaela McGivern at China Camp on the Marin County Bay Coastline.  The intention is to heal the wounds held by the land and make amends for the trauma and abuse that the coastal Miwoks and Chinese immigrants experienced there. I’m hoping it will help to restore harmony to the land and integrity to the ancestors of these peoples and ultimately ripple out that harmonious energy to the rest of the Bay Area. To that end, I’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to help with the costs.

Please take a moment to watch this short video on Kickstarter and if you would like to help support this project, please consider contributing within the next 48 hours. If we get a substantial start toward our goal, we believe it will help the project look like a winner with Kickstarter and they will give it more exposure to the public. It would also be great if you could share this link with your own network or someone you know who might be interested. Proceeds after expenses will be donated to the non-profit Friends of China Camp organization.

With gratitude!

October 5, 2018

A big thank you to our first 21 backers… we’re only 36 hours into our project and have already reached 20% of our goal!

Thank You!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Liana Forest, Judith Fenley, Anonymous, Marina Barnes, Shirley, Cari Alter, Christine Hodil, Kathleen Casey, Britta Fischlin, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Barbara Bazemore, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous,
Cheryl Fromholzer, Anonymous, The Creative Fund

October 6, 2018

WHAT IS THE MONEY FOR?   (An update on the China Camp Healing Project)

First of all, THANK YOU to the 21 people who have contributed $1,041.00 so far! We have had a VERY successful first 36 hours and have met our first goal of 20% funding in the first few days!! AND Thank You to the people who have asked this legitimate question!

MONEY, like it or not, is the symbol of the energy that actually gets things done in the world today. The Money you contribute to this project actually DOES amplify the energetic power of the intent to heal the land and release the human suffering stored in it. This is a very real (even if mostly unseen) way that you can contribute to a feeling of a little more well-being in the entire Bay Area.

We didn’t know it consciously when we launched this project that we would be addressing all of the ambivalence, confusion, judgments and resentments that we ourselves have about money, greed, poverty, debt and philanthropy, but that is exactly what Bren Taylor, Michaela McGivern and David Kitts are doing.

My business is named “GENEROSITY HEALS” and I will never trademark it for the obvious reason that it would not be generous! HOWEVER, Generosity must start with yourself, otherwise, in short order, you will have no money or energy to be generous with!!

So this is where I own that the primary reason I am running this campaign is to be paid fairly for my time so I can move forward my personal goals of living an abundant lifestyle that can model generosity toward all living things. Nowadays, this absolutely requires a flow of MONEY. Bren and Michaela also need to be paid fairly for the time and effort they put in. If you could add up the time we will spend on this project, you would see that we are aiming for only a modest stipend after expenses.

Another obvious reason it is important to own is that this is indeed a publicity campaign. We will not be able to be generous in any practical way if we stay hidden in obscurity.

We are also aiming to exceed our goal of $5000.00 because we would like to offer a significant contribution to “Friends of China Camp”: the organization that has preserved this historic and beautiful spot for all of us to enjoy.

This is the business model we aim to build with campaigns like this: Projects that aim to benefit the whole. Projects that shift how things feel. Projects that can provoke a change in people’s minds about what healing and progress really are. Projects that can generate an abundant living that allows us to be agents for real change in helping humans and all beings be safer and more abundant physically and in every way.

That’s why I can find the energy to face my inner demons of doubting my own motives, my very old very bad habit of assassinating my pride in my own abilities and my depression that I might fail in my objectives to be abundant AND benefit others.

When you contribute to a project like this, you are voting for a world where generosity is the guiding principle. In that spirit, we invite you give a little of your money to increase the flow of Love for every being.

Prosperity is an equal balance of giving and receiving: serving ourselves, our relationships, and the world in equal measure. From The Pearl Sequence, by Richard Rudd


October 8, 2018

INITIAL EVALUATION OF THE AREA   (An update on the China Camp Healing Project)

Energy Line

Here’s a map of the Park with a red line indicating where I found some kind of earth energy travelling from the peninsula China Camp is on, through to the East Bay approximately to the mouth of the Sacramento River. The Sacramento estuary is a confluence of fault lines of several subsidiary earthquake faults including the Rogers fault and the Hayward fault.

I also circled the areas where I found the most disturbing energy that seemed to be associated with human activity. Interestingly, the actual village wasn’t that bad.  The beach area south of the village was extremely dense and felt like it was the scene of over a hundred and fifty relatively sudden deaths from introduced disease. Up on the bluff in the parking lot was the next-most dense spot. It was part of the village years ago.

The only other place that was reallllly dense was a little ravine just above the town. That red fault line went right through it. There are two tiny ramshackle houses there.  Something very disturbing happened in one or both of them and they are smack in the middle of the turbulent flow of the disturbed earth energy line.


October 12, 2018

A LAND HEALING CASE STUDY ( An Update on the China Camp Healing Project)

I lived in a valley in West Marin for 15 years and I had known it needed some healing work for nearly 10 years. Because of the support of a truly open minded resident (with a big heart), I was finally able to put together a team of four gifted healers to do some healing for the Land. This is a brief description of a three month process.

Early in May I received a request through a client from a resident of the valley for some help with his land. Some Native Americans had turned down his invitation to hold ceremony on his land because they said it had been badly desecrated.  Because of some relationship conflicts, he was concerned for the welfare of his family members. I went to his place for a preliminary evaluation and told him what I already knew about the valley: that it had a large lake of negative energy under it that had been fed by years of trauma to the land (including the time the entire area was clear-cut to rebuild San Francisco after the earthquake) and the conflicts of the people that had lived there. I explained it was a very big project and that I’d need a team of four healers and at least three afternoons of work.  He was very generous and agreed to my estimate.

I had actually quite underestimated how much work was involved because there was a LOT of organizing, research and writing up reports, coordination of 5+ people’s schedules as well as the actual time spent clearing and healing the land of the entire valley and his property. I found topo maps of the valley, scouted out the perimeters of the lake and assembled my team. Coordinating the schedules of a minimum of five busy people (sometimes more) also added to the time it took.

On a Sunday in late June, we went through his house and immediately found several places where people had died (possibly violently). We were able to identify how some of them had died and determined that there was a mass grave nearby with 15 people in it from the times that European settlers in the valley had conflicts with the natives. There were still 5 ghosts hovering around his land and house.

These events were just a part of the negative energy feeding a large lake of negative energy under the valley and was affecting everyone on his property, most especially some of the more sensitive children.

This “lake” under the entire valley (and indeed a large portion of the even larger valley it connected to) was perpetuated by intelligent energy beings that live and thrive off of conflict, bloodshed, suffering, mental illness and negativity of any kind.

The lake can wreak havoc with the people, plants and animals that live there, causing strange behavior like animals being inexplicably unwilling to enter a room, or howling or excessive urinating, or plants failing for no reason and sometimes even death, like the time the huge bay tree fell on the tenant in the cottage behind the house of a valley resident.  I was severely injured falling on my scooter as I entered the perimeter of the lake the previous year.

We helped the ghosts to find their way to “the other side” and spent considerable time acknowledging and releasing the Karma of the tribal conflicts that went back as far as 7000 years. After we cleared the conflict karma, the house felt much easier.  We went outside and spent more time gathering information and guidance. There was still a rift, or fault line or perhaps an underground water course that cut right through the middle of the house that seemed to be associated with the lake of negative energy in some way.

All this took about 3 hours so we determined that we would meet again to conduct the ritual to drain the Astral lake of negative energy next Friday July 6th.  We indicated that the ritual to clear the astral lake was something that we should do with our full attention and without the extra task of attempting to include and protect others.

When we returned July 6th, we started our next three hour ritual at the land where I used to live to ask for assistance from the land entity that oversees the entire valley.  The entity was quite angry at the way the valley had been treated. In return for his help requested a water feature for the birds and wanted some blue stones “replaced” at the corners of the property.   We agreed to make a bird bath and placed large blue crystalline boulders (energetically) where he requested.  These actions seemed to mollify him and he  agreed to help us clear the Astral lake.

He informed us that intensely negative energy entities had been part of what had been feeding the negative energy of the lake for thousands of years due to bloodshed and conflict over using the land for personal gain and power. These entities had fed and maintained the lake that had been created by thousands of years of ethnic and tribal bloodshed over the control of the land.

The entities were some of the nastiest kind. They encouraged feuds, vendettas, reactive tit for tat conflict, violence, war and aggression when they were active.  This is the “food” they thrive on.  They can show up in human life as a family curse or major family dysfunction and the main person affected will be unable to separate their own reality from this family pattern.

Next, we moved to our sponsor’s land and found a spot to set up our altar in front of the house that was advantageously placed right at the middle upper end of the lake.  The water spirits under the land felt dishonored and ignored and they were part of inciting the conflict.  They felt polluted by blood that came out of the one part of the valley and mixed with the cleaner waters coming from the main creek.

We called in all the extra powerful protective entities we could think of to help protect us and all the residents of and visitors to the valley from the forces of the lake and the negative entities fueling it. We also called on the devas, plant, water and land entities to help us in restoring balance and harmony to the valley.  We were grateful to have their powerful help for this monumental work of land healing!

We sealed off the lake from the nearby, much larger lake (which we didn’t have permission to work with yet).  If we didn’t do this, the smaller lake would just refill over time, replenished by the larger one.  (See attached maps). To do this we created an energetic wall constructed of Universal Love and Light, the strength of ArcAngel Michael, Blue light, and the Silver Light of Peace and the energy of the Sphinx, sealed with the energy of Lapis Lazuli (a famous, semi-precious blue Egyptian stone).  It is 450 feet thick, 150 feet wide and 800 feet deep and it will remain in place indefinitely.

We then made offerings to the land of food, fruit, flowers, and everything the land wanted including energetic blood.  We invoked an ocean of light, blessed ourselves with Holy Water (pure spring water that had been empowered with prayer and healing intentions, and crystals on our altars for over two weeks.  We created four huge drains at the four “corners” of the lake (see attached map) and poured holy water on the ground and on the map of the valley, symbolically surrounding the astral lake. The power of the intentions in the holy water acted like a homeopathic remedy to drain the negative energy from the lake.  When the astral energy was gone, we sealed the drains and filled the lake with universal Love and light and other beneficial energies to prevent anything negative from returning.

In late July, we assembled for a final 3 hour ceremony with the family to heal the direct effects of the negative energies on their children and their relationships.  Then as a group, we set intentions for how to hold the land in sacred trust for the good of all humans, plants, animals, nature spirits of all kinds and all beings.

Interestingly, two months later a scary fire burned up the side of the mountain that forms the border of one side of this valley and started to descend into the valley in the night. Half the valley was evacuated. Thanks to the heroic efforts of the fire department and air support it did not burn more than the top of the ridge line leading into the valley.  We have no way of knowing, but maybe our healing had contributed in some way to the protection from the fire.

Arroyo Land Clearing


October 17, 2018

HEALING WORK IS ALWAYS INTERNAL (An Update on the China Camp Healing Project)

This is the first time I’ve ever run a crowdfunding campaign to support my efforts at healing the earth and our ancestors.  It’s one thing when you ask one or two persons to support your efforts financially and another thing altogether when you ask all your friends and acquaintances.  I have gratefully received some responses from people that have already provoked much healing.  The challenges we meet are often just as healing as the support we receive, if we can see them as the mirrors of our own doubts, fears and judgements.

With three colleagues, I recently completed an extensive clearing of a lake of negative energy from the entire Arroyo Valley where I lived for 15 years.  The financial support for that came from one abundant and generous family that lives in the middle of the valley. That task provoked within me many personal healing sessions to clear out my own fears, and coincided with getting an infection from a tick bite.  There seemed to be a clear connection between cleaning up my fear of my own personal power and releasing the trauma stored in the “Astral Lake” from abuse of power.

Now that I have embarked on a public campaign to fund my next project the healing work within me seems even more karmic and collective.

Yesterday I found myself to be inexplicably anxious.  Not suspecting much more than the usual inappropriate energetic relationships that happen unconsciously and occasionally, I was surprised to find that my imbalance was actually very ancient.

Healing Work is Always Internal

Way down at the bottom of my energetic structure, deep in the ground most of the time, the bottom wheel of my energetic elimination system was moving much too slowly.  I found that I was bogged down with the karma of many many past lives as either a perpetrator or a victim of genocide (caused both intentionally and through ignorance).  I had a huge load of unforgiven rage, grief, guilt and shame from those lifetimes.  That karmic baggage was clogging up the vents in the lower part of my core sheath that help the lowest elimination wheel release old trauma and energetic debris.

All I could think of to do was to send the magical Ho’oponopono chant of the Hawaiian Hunas into the lower part of my structure:

I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank You.

Along with the energy of Surrender,  it worked to unclog the vents! I began to feel much lighter, calmer and more confident as the burden of karma was spun out into the void. It now had more affinity with the emptiness, now that it was no longer attracted by my attachment to it.

I have been somewhat apprehensive about addressing the wounds of our Chinese and Miwok ancestors on this spot.  I have no official standing in either of those tribes (unless you include my extensive studies in Chines Medicine).

I have realized however, that I can cleanly address the wrongs my own tribal relatives visited upon these native and immigrant ancestors, and this is how I intend to conduct the healing ritual.  It seems that part of the healing that appears to be about the land on that spot is actually beginning within my own structure.

If you are contributing to this healing process, may the healing and the blessings that come from it occur with in you as well!

Much Love,









Mysticism, Science & Consciousness

We all need a mystic in our lives.  We also need scientists.  It’s enormously helpful that scientists break our perceptions of the world down into fundamental “quantum” units of information in order to predict the patterns of life, yet the mystic “knows” that everything is conscious and that the empty space of consciousness is the only unchanging reality in the ever shifting patterns of life.

Do you know that every bit of you including your densest bone cells are made out of energy?

You’ve heard the Quantum Physicists say it:  “Everything is Energy and its all connected and responding to all the other Energy.” The Taoist, Vedic, Kabbalist and Sufi Mystics all said the same thing thousands of years ago.

The greatest minds of our age have attempted to discover the “Fundamental Particle”, the building block of matter. The word “Quantum” just means “a unit to measure the universe with.” Physicists divided the atom into “sub-atomic particles” and those particles into “quarks.”  The more they divided the particles into tinier particles, the more they discovered the same thing. No matter how small the particle, it is made up of 99.99999999% empty space and tiny whirling vortexes of tightly packed energy.

The smaller the vortex, the tighter the spin and the more energy it contains and the denser and more matter-like it appears to be. These days the most advanced theories are forced to concede that there are no particles of “matter”, just zillions of these tightly spinning vortexes.  Interestingly, it has been shown mathematically that the energy “potential” inside the space occupied by a single proton (a sub atomic particle in the nucleus of an atom) is the same as the energy potential in all of the physical matter in the known universe.

Consciousness (defined as the ability to respond to environmental stimuli) underlies all the manifestations of energy.  It is the stillness, emptiness and silence that contains all matter and movement. The primary characteristic of energy is movement, so the only thing that is constant in the experience of energy is change.  Pain and dis-ease in our physical and energy forms are interference patterns in the flow created by the constant creation and destruction of “physical matter-energy” in our physical and energy bodies.  Energy healing modalities such as Acupuncture, Core Individuation and Sound Codes can help you to restore the flow and harmony of energy throughout your body and your life.