David headshot“My mission is to be an agent of change toward well being. With Acupuncture and Asian Medical Health Counseling, I help you move toward wellness by identifying where the life force energy needs to move more freely in your body and your life. Moving the energy releases pain and disease. I use Soul Structure Healing to help you circulate energy and consciousness throughout the much larger anatomy of your Soul-Energy body. This helps you to achieve much more complete health and ease to express your authentic nature.

I’m also dedicated to envisioning and birthing truly holistic health. Holistic health includes everyone and everything. My larger vision is to support and network with all kinds of health care practitioners as well as all people dedicated to the health of the environment, the politics, schools, farms, trees, animals, energy and water resources: Everything! Supporting and enhancing locally viable ecosystems that are connected to the web of life on the whole planet is the only way for a human being to achieve real health.”

David B. Kitts