E Komo Mai to Eye of the Needle Energy Medicine

Finding your way to health can feel very difficult, like trying to squeeze yourself through the eye of a needle. Awareness is the medicine that can restore you to wholeness with ease. I bring forty years of practice to help you build awareness of the flow of energy that moves through our human bodies, the earth and the stars. Awareness of personal energy boundaries is key to discerning the vibrations of energy that nourish our unique energy pattern and to filtering out incompatible energy frequencies. Schedule a free 30 minute consult to discuss your health issues, life challenges and see if working with me is right for you.

My tools and skills include:

  • Japanese style acupuncture that uses palpation to accurately determine how to restore the flow of “Qi’ through the systems and organs of the human physical body.
  • Dowsing to scan the human spiritual anatomy to precisely diagnose and accurately restore the flow of energy through the systems and organs of your Energy Body. The outer edge of your energy body is your “Soul Membrane.” This is where the natural energy boundary of your energy body connects to everything in the universe and it is therefore also the location where you discern which energies are nourishing to you and which are not welcome.
  • Reading the astrology-generated maps of Human Design and The Gene Keys that illuminate the genetic programming of your physical body. This reveals the unique purpose and gifts of your physical form that you are meant to offer other beings through the electro-magnetic aura emanating from it. Awareness of the unique gifts of your body can help you make decisions that are not as much choices as they are simply aligning with how your body naturally expresses itself. The edge of your electro-magnetic aura is not the natural energy boundary of your energy body and cannot discern what energy is right for you to absorb.
  • Vocal Sound Codes that can re-attune your physical, emotional and spiritual structure and the flow of energy.
  • Home and Land clearing and healing that uses dowsing to assess the movement or stagnation of energy in and around the places you live. This may include releasing the residual electro-magnetic energy of people that have died that may still be lingering in your home. This can further enhance your health and well being by establishing energy flow in the structures and land and can assist you in developing a more intimate connection with your home, the land and the unseen beings you live with daily.
  •  Awareness trainings for expanding your experience of your full energy structure and helping you use your unique form of awareness to choose food, medicine, friends, partners and places to live.  Trainings in intuitive skills such as dowsing, body dowsing (muscle testing) and other self-authority checks. Trainings in basic energy self-care techniques such as skills to clear your energy body of health damaging influences such as other people’s energy, energetic debris and parasitic energy entities.


I am so grateful to have discovered David Kitts, L.Ac. He has incredible skills as an Acupuncturist, as well as being a heart centered true Healer. David truly walks his walk. I didn’t know quite how bad I was really feeling, until he helped me feel so good again… Gifted, Intuitive, Caring, Intelligent & Dedicated. He’s an incredible resource to our Community and I give my full recommendation to his beautiful, skillful work. – Dr. Suzanne Lerner

A master at his craft. A wonderful human being. An asset to the community and the world. Not only have I benefited from his work, I have referred many of my clients to David with 100% positive results. Thank you David! – Chad Corridini

David Kitts resides at the intersection of intuitive genius and meticulous skill. I came to him depressed and in chronic pain. I left him with, not only a significant reduction in my pain, but with my spirit exalted. I was shocked when, within the first three minutes of my first session, he accurately sized me up – my personality, struggles and the reasons behind my physical and emotional suffering. But reasons are not enough for true healing. He then provided soul guidance and measurable physical relief. I am a true skeptic, a notorious Doubting Thomas, but I cannot doubt this mans searingly clear gift. I sit here relaxed, uplifted and comfortable in my own body for the first time in a very, very long time. Thank you. – Kassandre L.

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