House | Land Clearing

Many people are familiar with the latest theories of Quantum Physics: That everything, including matter is energy and all forms of energy are constantly responding to one another. They use the unfortunate term “Quantum Entanglement”. The implication is that absolutely everything has at least a rudimentary form of consciousness.
Houses, Buildings and the Land they stand on are densely packed, relatively slow moving forms of energy.  You could say that they are the physical bodies of very different forms of consciousness. Just like our bodies can store memories of joy and vitality or injury and illness that can affect our health later in our lives, buildings and land can and do store memories of events that have happened on them.  It is the nature of dense forms to record and store memory.
House and Land Clearings are a form of healing of these physical forms we have to interact with on a daily basis. Using sensitive dowsing skills I can consciously and intentionally interact with the house and land to release disturbing memories of trauma, injury (to the land itself, the living beings on it or the humans that lived there), ignorant building practices or violence from the physical tissue of the building and the land it sits on.
This may involve communicating with larger movements of energy within the earth itself such as underground streams, earthquake faults or energy streams some call “Ley Lines.”
Sometimes the electromagnetic energy from a human being that has died can also persist in a house or location. This is usually called “haunting” but the procedure is the same: careful, respectful interaction with the “ghosts” will almost always result in the release of their energy from the space as they allow their electromagnetic signature to reconnect with their higher vibrational soul energy forms.
Since we interact with these places all day everyday, they can affect us in adverse ways just as much as we affect them. So healing the land and the buildings on it by clearing the disturbing memories of what has happened there is another way human beings can consciously bring harmony and health into this experience we call “Life on Earth.”