About David

HI Licensed Acupuncturist # ACU-1314

CA Licensed Acupuncturist #2907

National Board-Certified Acupuncturist(tm) NCCAOM Dipl. O.M.

David Kitts studied Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at the Five Branches Institute of Oriental Medicine in Santa Cruz. He has developed his own system of acupuncture over the last 30+ years based on his study of Japanese blind acupuncturists’ techniques and the classics of Chinese Medicine with highly respected teachers in the field.

David has taught acupuncture skills to other acupuncturists, students and the public.

David is a Senior Practitioner of Core Individuation(tm). Core Individuation and Your Sacred Anatomy are the life work of Novato CA Healer Desda Zuckerman.  David has studied with her since 1999 and is one of the first three people certified to practice it professionally.


Acupuncture and health counseling: For physical imbalances including acute and chronic conditions of pain, structural imbalances, asthma and immune dysfunction.

Acupuncture without needles: David uses intention and the ability to focus customized frequencies of light into needle shapes. He places these in acupuncture points and achieves the same or better results as with traditional metal needles. This modality is ideal for sensitive people and children.

Soul Anatomy Healing: David uses his specially trained senses and intention to release injury, old trauma and congestion in the anatomy of your energy-soul body, then help the rejuvenation and rebuilding of the Human Energy Structure.

Sound Code Healing: David was trained by Elizabeth Westerman in her work “Dao Tha Sound Code” Healing to use chanting and intention to corrrect imbalances in the spirit and the structure of the physical body including the spinal column.

Space and Home Clearing and Healing:  This is a specialty training within the body of Desda Zuckerman’s work.  For the purpose of clearing trauma, energy debris, and entitites from land and home and restoring balance and harmony to the places we live in.

Human Design and Gene Keys interpretation:  David has Studied Human Design and the Gene Keys on his own since 1999 and uses them to better understand his clients, help them learn how to make correct choices for their own lives and to inform his other work.

Awareness Training:  David helps his clients and students train and expand their awareness of their own Soul Structure and use awareness and intention to reclaim and maintain their Health through clearings and self-healing procedures.


FIVE BRANCHES INSTITUTE OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE:  1982 – 1986: Completed certificate program in traditional Chinese acupuncture and herbology, with emphasis on Oriental medical diagnosis, treatment planning and techniques including acupuncture, moxibustion, and Chinese herbal formulation. Complementary studies included nutrition, acupressure, chi gong and western pathophysiology.

Clinical Internship at TCM Clinic 1984-86: Supervised practice diagnosing and treating patients using the above principles and techniques.

CONTINUING EDUCATION: Continuing education since 1987 with master teachers Jeffrey C. Yuen, Kiiko Matsumoto O.M.D. Richard Tan O.M.D. and others, learning advanced acupuncture theory and techniques, Chinese herbal formulation and nutrition with an emphasis on acute and chronic pain and immune system conditions.

TWIN LAKES COLLEGE: 1980-82. Completed a massage certificate program including Tui-Na acupressure and Shiatsu techniques.

JIN SHIN DO: Certification: 1980-81

CABRILLO COLLEGE: 1980-83 Health Professional Program: anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and pathophysiology.

Professional Organizations

Professional Member: California State Oriental Medicine Association (CSOMA) since 1990


ACUPUNCTURIST: 1984 to present. Providing acupuncture treatments, herbal, lifestyle and nutritional counseling. Specializing in relieving acute and chronic pain and stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal immune system disorders. Other experience includes: injuries, structural imbalances, hormonal disruption, urinary and digestive problems, insomnia, depression and reducing the side effects of medications.

CONTINUING EDUCATION INSTRUCTOR: 1999 to 2006. David offered his unique theory of “Holographic Acupuncture” for continuing education credit.  This course was consistently well reviewed and provides a missing key to understanding why acupuncture points can affect specific areas of the body instantly.

David also offered “Acupressure Anyone Can Learn” to the community. The same holographic principles that he teaches to professionals can allow anyone to learn to instantly relieve pain and promote healing. The class was offered through the College of Marin.

MASSAGE PRACTITIONER: 1982 to present. Providing acupressure when appropriate.

CLINICAL PRACTICE INSTRUCTOR: 1990-1991. San Francisco School of Acupuncture, 2051 Market St., San Francisco, CA.

1998 to 2001. Meji College of Oriental Medicine, 2550 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley, CA.  Instructing and supervising student interns in the clinical practice of acupuncture and herbal therapy.

THE IMMUNE ENHANCEMENT PROJECT: 1993 to 2001. His practice in the Castro district of San Francisco further expanded his specialty work in pain and Immune dysfunction syndromes. David provided informal internships to students here for five years.

1985: Collaborated in developing “Hands On Energy Release Educators,” a group that demonstrated the effectiveness of acupressure in reducing symptoms of disease and the use of medication by elderly people confined to a convalescent hospital.