About David

HI Licensed Acupuncturist # ACU-1314

CA Licensed Acupuncturist #2907

National Board-Certified Acupuncturist(tm) NCCAOM Dipl. O.M.

Senior Practitioner Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine 

I was born in Denver Colorado in April 1958 and immediately went to live for the first three years of my life in an American airbase in occupied Germany. 

My father was born on a navy base in Panama and traveled 25,000 miles by the time he was five. He spent most of his adult life working for the government designing supercomputers in Boulder Colorado where I lived for 15 years. My stepmother and he taught me to love and thrive in the wilderness.  

My Mom is a southern belle who was brought up Quaker, holds a doctorate in Anthropology and values spirituality, community, education, culture and fairness. She travelled all over the world and took me with her to East Africa, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand and the Cook Islands during the time I was 10-15. 

At age 20, I was quite lost and had a severe car accident that nearly killed me. It was my initiation into my real life. I didn’t know what I was here for, but I knew I needed to heal and that I never wanted to work in a hospital, so I searched for a way to study holistic health. At age 22, I joined the very first class at The Five Branches Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Cruz, California. That began my journey to health by anchoring me solidly in the ancient Chinese Taoist wisdom of the I Ching and Wu Wei (accomplishing everything just by being.)

My journey of healing since then has nurtured a passion in me for finding the gifts in my wounds and challenges that lead me to a deep feeling of belonging and trust in my nature, human nature, the earth and the universe.  Now nothing is more satisfying to me than helping other people find the gifts in their wounds that can lead them to wholeness.

Using dowsing, the Gene Keys, Human Design and intuition, I scan the spiritual anatomy to help people find the gifts and their purpose in the traumas they have experienced. I work in person, online or by phone.

Education, Professional Organizations and Experience