My tools and skills include:

  • Japanese style acupuncture that uses palpation to accurately target the treatment of the systems and organs that need attention.
  • Energy body healing that uses dowsing to scan the spiritual anatomy in detail to accurately assess the health of your soul’s structure and restore equilibrium to it.
  • Human Design and Gene Keys interpretation to reveal the genetic programming of your body and it’s electro-magnetic field (aura). This includes a perspective on your unique life’s work and purpose, the way you operate in relationships and the gifts you are here to offer the rest of us in the spirit of generosity and abundance for all.
  • Sound Codes to adjust your physical, emotional and spiritual structure.
  • Home and Land clearing and healing that uses dowsing to assess the movement or stagnation of energy in and around the places you live. This may include releasing the residual electro-magnetic energy of people that have died that may still be lingering in your home. This can further enhance your health and well being by establishing energy flow in the structures and land and can assist you in developing a more intimate connection with your home, the land and the unseen beings you live with daily.
  • Awareness trainings for expanding your experience of your full energy structure and helping you use your unique form of awareness to choose food, medicine, friends, partners and places to live. Trainings in intuitive skills such as dowsing, body dowsing (muscle testing) and other self-authority checks. Trainings in basic energy self-care techniques such as skills to clear your energy body of health damaging influences such as other people’s energy, energetic debris and parasitic energy entities.