As Above So Below

The life force energy the Chinese called “Qi” moves through everything, everywhere, all at once.

My specialty is perceiving and communicating with the unbroken wholeness and infinite diversity as it moves through all of creation. Through the meridians and vessels defined by fascia in both humans and animals, I employ acupuncture touch and sound, as well as the wisdom from the I Ching’s genetic map and dowsing, to facilitate the healthy flow of Qi. This enables the delivery of essential nutrients and the transformation and release of toxic substances.

Qi also moves in the living soil of the earth through the mycelial networks of fungi and bacteria, and from there and the light of the sun into the tissues of the plants that feed us. When I do earthwork and house clearing, I use dowsing to determine how to support the healthy flow of Qi in the earth and the house. I might become aware of non-physical beings that are caught in the world of form and assist them in finding their way home to their spiritual families. Or I may use columns of light-like acupuncture needles to restore the movement of Qi through land and home and focused intention to clear out past traumas and toxic energies. This process aligns land and structures with the healthy flow in the waters and air carried on the currents and in the earth, conducted by the crystals and metals that compose our mother planet.

Qi flows through the nuclear flames of our sun, permeates all the planets in our solar system, courses through the center of the galaxy and all the stars within it, and even extends to the Great Central Sun of the Universe, reaching all the galaxies and every possible universe. I work alongside numerous non-physical beings who interact with us and our planet to sustain and improve this cosmic energy that nourishes all living things.