Healing the Energy Body

We experience ourselves as consciousness contained within a physical (dense energy) body. “The Energy Body” could be seen as the (less dense) energy component of the “container”.  Most people are aware that we have an “aura” which is the invisible electro-magnetic field of the physical body.  This is only one of seven anatomical systems of our energy body which exists as frequencies vibrating much faster than the electro-magnetic spectrum.

As our unique consciousness begins the process of manifesting a body, the physical body and human electromagnetic field actually form last. The Anatomy of the Energy Body is formed first. It includes subtler energy versions of organs, a skeletal system, circulatory system, nervous-digestive system, elimination system, connective tissue and skin. The Energy Body is nearly immortal, at least in relation to the physical-electromagnetic forms it animates over thousands of lifetimes.

As an acupuncturist I was trained to be accurate – to find the right spot on the skin to direct the flow of energy to the area I want to affect. So it was natural for me to realize that some health issues might not be located in the physical body but in the subtle-energy component of our anatomy. I’ve been trained to locate the precise location in the Energy Body that needs a specific awareness to restore the harmonious flow of energy.

The tool I use to scan the Energy Body is from the ancient art of dowsing. I use a “dowsing rod”, a wire bent at 90 degrees. Dowsing allows me to assess precisely where in your Energy Body I need to support your intention to heal your whole energy body, both subtle and physical.

The main vehicle for ”Eye of the Needle Energy Medicine” is Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine(tm).  This is the healing method, principle and ethic outlined in the book “Your Sacred Anatomy” by Desda Zuckerman.

I also am inspired by The Human Design System and The Gene Keys and I integrate their interpretation of the ancient Chinese wisdom of the “I Jing”.  The 64 hexagrams of the I Ching correspond directly to the 64 codons in the genetic code of all life. These systems reveal the absolutely unique genetic programming of your body and its’ electromagnetic field like no other system I’ve found. It can help you develop a new perspective and narrative for your life’s work and purpose, the way you operate in relationships and the gifts you are here to offer the rest of us.

Sometimes sound is the right modality and then I use Vocal Sound Codes to adjust bones and organs of the physical and Energy body.  Some of these sounds are  “Tao Tha Sound Codes(tm)” which is the work of Elizabeth Westerman.

Healing the Energy Body is available in person or by phone or video conference. Some of the best results have been from these forms of “healing at a distance”.  You can also schedule in-person sessions in conjunction with acupuncture if you wish.

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© Dao Tha Sound Codes is the work of Elisabeth Westermann