An ancient form of medicine that maps out the channels for the flow of bio electric life-force energy up and down the physical body. A healthy body is energy, constantly changing from airy and energized to solid and stable and back again. Physical or emotional resistance to this constant change results in pain and disease. Placing metal needles, tiny tacks or even using intention to place needles using energy frequencies can release the resistance. Energy needles can be used effectively at a distance. Weird, I know… but it works! This is why most people become deeply relaxed, and any pain they feel can instantly reduce or vanish when the natural flow returns. Over time and with repeated sessions, a person’s body becomes accustomed to allowing natural changes to flow effortlessly, without resistance and pain.

My unique style of acupuncture comes from schools for blind acupuncturists in Japan, so I diagnose your entire body by touch, finding where the energy is congested in your muscles and organs through reflex zones and points. In effect, you get a massage during diagnosis! I then place needles and check that the congestion has released. After each treatment you may feel blissfully relaxed and you will often feel immediate relief from pain or other symptoms. The human body knows how to repair itself and relax into wellness. However, it often takes a while for the suggestion offered by acupuncture treatment to sink in. We live stressed-out lives and our body responds with tension and poor healing. This is why repeated treatments are often needed for lasting results. With acute symptoms, the closer together you can time the treatments, the better. Lasting results can be achieved in as few as 3 to 6 treatments over 2-3 weeks. For chronic conditions, patience and perseverance can really pay off over months and sometimes even years. Acupuncture is at its best as a preventative healing modality. Come in regularly over time to stay in balance and remain flexible and adaptable to the challenges in your life!