Eye of the Needle Holistic Living

We think sustainability can and should be pleasurable. Sustainability can actually become more fun, and more enjoyable than just coasting along waiting for our centralized global economic infrastructure to fail us. Austerity is not the only path. We can improve our own quality of life and the quality of life for all going forward.

If we start now, we can build out locally designed and maintained networks of food, energy and water production with zero waste systems that we and our children will need to thrive into the future. The more successful we are and the more fun we have, the more likely other localities can learn from and enjoy the same benefits of our inventive lifestyle.

Here’s the Waste-To-Power Plant project inspiring our thoughts of home and community design…

This Copenhagen waste-to-power plant incinerates 30 truck loads of trash per day with no emissions and turns it into electricity for a third of the city. It also utilizes its rooftop and walls as a recreational area which include a climbing wall and a massive year-round 1400+ ft ski slope complete with freestyle features. Cool, huh?

This is a great example of an industrialized economic system working in harmony w the local ecological and community oriented ethic. Coming together to have fun recharges people.

Our current Educational Prototype:

Our Neighborhood | Living Tiny in the Neighbor’s Backyard

Two 20 ft “His and Hers” Cargo Containers on wheels. This gives us the flexibility to position the tiny homes as we want. We can angle them or set them up directly opposite each other with the deck in between or even keep them as separate modules with the ability to add another module as needed.

The Moveable Deck is built in 4 ft x 8 ft sections that are clamped and bolted together. The deck can be broken down and moved and reconfigured as needed.

10 ft Cargo Container holds all the technology and toys.

Solar Panels and Water-from-Air Generators on the roofs.

Transforming Furniture: Murphy Beds and Adjustable Tables make living tiny in a beautiful way do-able.

Sustainable local KOA wood and bamboo throughout.

Transforming Desk flips around and unfolds into a full size dining or work table.

Inside | Outside Living.

Incinerating and Composting Toilets. We’re experimenting with both.

Portable Solar EV Charging Station. Yes, it’s on wheels and the solar panels are “peel and stick.”

Backup to the primary solar. Sustainable energy solutions using small Flower Wind Turbines

Sustainable Hedonism!

Sustainable hedonism is having the most fun you possibly can without depleting yourself or anybody or anything else. Play itself is a fuel which allows for more abundance for everyone. Having fun is what makes living and thriving possible. It’s an individually determined quality of lifestyle. It includes abundance. And prosperity. Having fun allows you to spread prosperity because you feel like sharing the abundance. 

Interested in purchasing our construction plans?

Contact us at hedonisticsustainability@gmail.com for more info.

Info on creating Micro-grids, Food Forests, Food Islands and other local community resources coming soon!


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Cinderella Incinerating Toilets https://www.cinderellaeco.com/us-en

Separatt Waterless Composting Toilet https://separett.shop/collections/toilets

Waiea Water Sustainable Water Solutions | Atmospheric Water Generation | Gray Water Recycling https://www.waieawater.com

Natural Bamboo Flooring, Plywood, Fencing https://www.califloors.com/flooring/bamboo/products