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The Template: Our Cosmic Nervous System

Listening to Zach Bush and Richard Rudd today on the Deja Blue podcast, I just had my mind blown (again) by new research Zach shared on the nervous system of the gut. It triggered a quantum leap in my understanding of the anatomy and function of the human spiritual nervous system known as the Template. 

It turns out humans have the most diverse gut micro-biome of any species (especially if we eat diverse and wild foods from our natural environment.) That blew my mind, but what really knocked my socks off was this. There is now micro-imaging technology that has proven that some of the afferent nerves that inform our brains what is going on in our intestines actually stick THROUGH the barrier membrane of the intestinal lining INTO the messy contents of our gut! The massive concentration of neurons in our gut far outweighs the ones in our brains and is getting critical information from the teeming microbiome of bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, and who knows what else living in our poop!  

So it’s possible that our “gut hunch” and our “emotional intelligence” quite literally comes from being able to listen to the intelligent communities of micro-organisms living in our feces.  That old sixties hippie saying “Get your shit together” wasn’t just stoned inspiration. The genetic information and potential for mutation that can adapt to any stress come from the foundation of life itself: the single and multi-celled organisms that live in the soil and the air and waters of the earth and in our gut.

In many ways, my “favorite” spiritual anatomy system is the “Template.” My teacher gave it that name because it was her intuition that it holds space for the physical body inside our spiritual egg-shaped energy structure in between incarnations.  The Template is our Cosmic Nervous System. It is seamlessly integrated with our biological nervous system. I’ve always loved that the template ends (or begins!) at the very edge of our spiritual energy structure as hair-like villi that extend from the edge and connect us to every other living entity and intelligent energy in the cosmos. Now I know that it extends into our micro-cosmos as well.  WOW!!!

So, just like the villi on the membrane of every cell are the intelligent interface that connects them to their environment, informing the cell of nutrients to take in and toxic substances to exclude, the villi of the Template informs the interactive intelligence of our soul at the “Soul Membrane” with its cosmic environment, allowing us to filter infinite energies for the most nourishing frequencies of light.  As energy beings, we eat light. The light that shines from every other being. 

Modern physiological research has now confirmed that our nervous system and our digestive system are working together to determine which nutrients and genetic information to absorb and what to allow to pass through as compost and food for other life. The Template has the same function, working seamlessly with our spiritual elimination system to say “YES!” to the frequencies of light that are the most nourishing and harmonious with our current evolutionary stage, and to allow the rest to pass by or be released effortlessly.  

It is the ingenious design of biological life to create intelligence by enclosing proteins and water in a semi-permeable membrane, pierce it with sensors that connect it to the environment and allow it to build more and more innovative protein structures that use light to perpetuate more life. This brings me to another mind-blowing thing Zach shared: That the light energy released in our cells from carbohydrates and fats by the tiny bacteria called mitochondria shines brighter than the surface of the sun.

We are quite literally, already “light beings”! We are interwoven with light and life in the most Cosmic and Mundane way from the light of universes, galaxies and suns, to light from the bacteria that live in our cells. 

The Template has another magical capacity that is associated with its ability to say yes to nourishing frequencies of light from all the energy beings in the universe. It can sample everything about anyone without taking in anything that isn’t nourishing from them. 

This capacity is called “The Template Echo” because of the natural discernment of the Template Cosmic Nervous system. This “Yes Circuit” only says “yes” to nourishing frequencies of light. It is located just under the edge of the Soul Membrane and also inside the “Core Sheath” which is the conduit of the Core: your unique spirit frequency passing through your egg-shaped energy body vertically, aligning with your physical brain and spine.

Holistic impressions from any being come in through the web of template nerve fibers at the edge of your soul membrane, bounce off the core sheath and any frequency that is not accepted bounces right back out again just like a sonar echo. 

Learning to use this capacity consciously is revolutionary because it is distinct from the natural merging and blending of our electromagnetic fields. The Human Electromagnetic field or aura is the expression of our physical vitality and our unique spirit frequency emanating from our core and our DNA. It is designed to both broadcast to and absorb electromagnetic energy from other physical beings.

When we can remain in the awareness available from our Cosmic Nervous System, at the edge of our Soul Membrane, the exchange of electromagnetic energy with other physical beings is still filtered through our natural discernment: the “Yes Circuit” of our Template. Everything about someone is available to our expanded senses, yet we still can allow frequencies that are not beneficial to us to release effortlessly. 

This brings us back to our poop.  As we all know, if we can’t easily release what our intestines do not absorb, we become sick and clogged. The Template is our Cosmic digestive system and just as our physical digestive system is also part of our elimination system, the Template can only truly nourish us with light when indigestible frequencies are released effortlessly by the “yes circuit” and our energy Elimination System. But that is a topic for another blog. 

Thanks for reading this!  If you’d like to experience the template and the distinction between it and the human aura, stay tuned for online and in person classes coming soon!

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