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Find My Light Within

I am often touched by people’s pain. I feel this is a very good thing because it reminds me that others feel vulnerable too. And I’ve had the bad habit of taking on the pain I feel from someone else sometimes.  Especially if I care about them or have some stake in their happiness. 

Because of the work I do, if I wake in the morning feeling depressed, anxious or burdened, I check to see if the feelings I’m having are really my own. My mind will always tell me it’s about me and give me all sorts of perfectly possible reasons why I might be feeling scared. Often feeling scared IS my true feeling, but not because of circumstances. It’s because I’ve taken in someone else’s pain in an attempt to help them feel better, so I feel safer.

Only problem is, it doesn’t actually benefit them or me at all.  

The habit was established in my very early childhood.  At 65, after 25 years of training myself to hold compassion for people without trying to modify them, I’m still finding lost, scared little infant parts of myself heroically trying to help other people feel better by absorbing their negative emotional state.  

I don’t do this nearly as much as I used to, but after a week where I spent 12 hours of visiting my Mom in her utter helplessness, I’ve been given the opportunity to embrace more of these little lost parts of myself. He’s not wrong or bad for reacting the way he does. As an infant it was all he could do that actually seemed to make a difference in how safe he felt. Temporarily. Since he lived only in the present, that reaction became a habit. It didn’t matter to him that he gradually began to feel worse more of the time.

Turns out, taking in someone’s else’s pain only dims my inner light. It doesn’t enhance their light.  It doesn’t help them find their light.  

The way I understand it now, my light comes from taking in other’s light, but only the frequencies of their light that actually nourish and build my light. My spiritual energy body already automatically operates this way, filtering the energy from every other being through a receptor just for them in my “Soul Membrane” (the edge of my energy structure.) Then there is a sampling circuit that instantaneously introduces “outsider” light to my inner self-light and says “YES!” to the frequencies that build my light. This process could be thought of as spiritual digestion I guess. When I am connecting to other beings of light this way, my light increases, making more of it available to anyone who might benefit from it.

Taking in someone’s pain and suffering only temporarily reduces the pain they are feeling and over time increases the backlog of unprocessed pain in both people. It may come from sympathy but, in my experience, it’s always to help me feel better in the moment. When I unconsciously do this at this stage of my life, I feel much worse in my own body almost immediately.

The soothing, invigorating, boundless Light of Love I’m looking for is already within every cell of my body thanks to the amazing tiny bacteria known as mitochondria that metabolize carbon compounds. The light they release shines brighter than the surface of the Sun. It’s in the center of my soul where the perfect frequencies of light from all beings combust into my unique pattern which radiates out to the far corners of the universe and beyond.

So when I get up feeling awful, if I find I’ve taken in someone’s pain, I identify where I have stored it and I give it back to them. It is, after all, their process of embracing their shadow to find the gifts in it and not mine to take on or try to change for them. 

Then I welcome the energy of the little infant self that unconsciously absorbed the other person’s darkness… I let him know he’s brilliant and precious and that he no longer needs to hold someone else’s “bad” to feel safe. I show him the huge beautiful light, love and warmth inside and give him a huge hug. Finally I celebrate having released more of the shadow of taking on problems that are not mine and bask in the resultant confidence and trust I’ve given myself.

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The Template: Our Cosmic Nervous System

Listening to Zach Bush and Richard Rudd today on the Deja Blue podcast, I just had my mind blown (again) by new research Zach shared on the nervous system of the gut. It triggered a quantum leap in my understanding of the anatomy and function of the human spiritual nervous system known as the Template. 

It turns out humans have the most diverse gut micro-biome of any species (especially if we eat diverse and wild foods from our natural environment.) That blew my mind, but what really knocked my socks off was this. There is now micro-imaging technology that has proven that some of the afferent nerves that inform our brains what is going on in our intestines actually stick THROUGH the barrier membrane of the intestinal lining INTO the messy contents of our gut! The massive concentration of neurons in our gut far outweighs the ones in our brains and is getting critical information from the teeming microbiome of bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, and who knows what else living in our poop!  

So it’s possible that our “gut hunch” and our “emotional intelligence” quite literally comes from being able to listen to the intelligent communities of micro-organisms living in our feces.  That old sixties hippie saying “Get your shit together” wasn’t just stoned inspiration. The genetic information and potential for mutation that can adapt to any stress come from the foundation of life itself: the single and multi-celled organisms that live in the soil and the air and waters of the earth and in our gut.

In many ways, my “favorite” spiritual anatomy system is the “Template.” My teacher gave it that name because it was her intuition that it holds space for the physical body inside our spiritual egg-shaped energy structure in between incarnations.  The Template is our Cosmic Nervous System. It is seamlessly integrated with our biological nervous system. I’ve always loved that the template ends (or begins!) at the very edge of our spiritual energy structure as hair-like villi that extend from the edge and connect us to every other living entity and intelligent energy in the cosmos. Now I know that it extends into our micro-cosmos as well.  WOW!!!

So, just like the villi on the membrane of every cell are the intelligent interface that connects them to their environment, informing the cell of nutrients to take in and toxic substances to exclude, the villi of the Template informs the interactive intelligence of our soul at the “Soul Membrane” with its cosmic environment, allowing us to filter infinite energies for the most nourishing frequencies of light.  As energy beings, we eat light. The light that shines from every other being. 

Modern physiological research has now confirmed that our nervous system and our digestive system are working together to determine which nutrients and genetic information to absorb and what to allow to pass through as compost and food for other life. The Template has the same function, working seamlessly with our spiritual elimination system to say “YES!” to the frequencies of light that are the most nourishing and harmonious with our current evolutionary stage, and to allow the rest to pass by or be released effortlessly.  

It is the ingenious design of biological life to create intelligence by enclosing proteins and water in a semi-permeable membrane, pierce it with sensors that connect it to the environment and allow it to build more and more innovative protein structures that use light to perpetuate more life. This brings me to another mind-blowing thing Zach shared: That the light energy released in our cells from carbohydrates and fats by the tiny bacteria called mitochondria shines brighter than the surface of the sun.

We are quite literally, already “light beings”! We are interwoven with light and life in the most Cosmic and Mundane way from the light of universes, galaxies and suns, to light from the bacteria that live in our cells. 

The Template has another magical capacity that is associated with its ability to say yes to nourishing frequencies of light from all the energy beings in the universe. It can sample everything about anyone without taking in anything that isn’t nourishing from them. 

This capacity is called “The Template Echo” because of the natural discernment of the Template Cosmic Nervous system. This “Yes Circuit” only says “yes” to nourishing frequencies of light. It is located just under the edge of the Soul Membrane and also inside the “Core Sheath” which is the conduit of the Core: your unique spirit frequency passing through your egg-shaped energy body vertically, aligning with your physical brain and spine.

Holistic impressions from any being come in through the web of template nerve fibers at the edge of your soul membrane, bounce off the core sheath and any frequency that is not accepted bounces right back out again just like a sonar echo. 

Learning to use this capacity consciously is revolutionary because it is distinct from the natural merging and blending of our electromagnetic fields. The Human Electromagnetic field or aura is the expression of our physical vitality and our unique spirit frequency emanating from our core and our DNA. It is designed to both broadcast to and absorb electromagnetic energy from other physical beings.

When we can remain in the awareness available from our Cosmic Nervous System, at the edge of our Soul Membrane, the exchange of electromagnetic energy with other physical beings is still filtered through our natural discernment: the “Yes Circuit” of our Template. Everything about someone is available to our expanded senses, yet we still can allow frequencies that are not beneficial to us to release effortlessly. 

This brings us back to our poop.  As we all know, if we can’t easily release what our intestines do not absorb, we become sick and clogged. The Template is our Cosmic digestive system and just as our physical digestive system is also part of our elimination system, the Template can only truly nourish us with light when indigestible frequencies are released effortlessly by the “yes circuit” and our energy Elimination System. But that is a topic for another blog. 

Thanks for reading this!  If you’d like to experience the template and the distinction between it and the human aura, stay tuned for online and in person classes coming soon!

A single-cell atlas of nerve cells in the gut reveals web of connections | Broad Institute

The Central Nervous System and the Gut Microbiome – PMC

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The Difference Between 5-element and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

A client asked:

What is the difference between 5-element acupuncture and Traditional Chinese acupuncture? I’ve looked it up on the internet and it seems 5-element acupuncture is more for emotional issues. Don’t most health issues come from emotional stuff? I just want to breathe like a normal person.

My answer:

First of all “Traditional Chinese Acupuncture” isn’t. In our school, we called it Communist Chinese Acupuncture (never to our teacher’s face!) When I got out of school, I passed the licensing test (very hard) and still had no idea if or how the dang stuff worked or if it even did work. I had no feedback.  Pulses never changed, pain didn’t necessarily go away.  

I don’t know much about what people term “5-element Acupuncture” because it was an Englishman’s (Dr. Worsley) Jungian psychological interpretation of a specific part of the Chinese Classic Medicine texts known as the 5-element theory. I wanted to study it, but the opportunity never came my way…I kept hearing about it, but it wasn’t available here until literally in the last few years.

What I’ve studied for the last 33 years is a Japanese Style taught by Kiiko Matsumoto who was the first person to demonstrate to me that “if you poke here, that gets better.” It’s a style taught to blind practitioners in Japan. And there are several schools for the blind because the profession lends itself to tactile intelligence. It made sense to me because both myself and my client could tell it was working! The theory is also solidly based on the classic texts of Chinese Medicine rather than some homogenized, Government approved abbreviation of Classic Chinese medicine. 

If you understand that emotions are a major part of being human, then you don’t need to create a distinct style to address them, you just need to know which areas of the body tend to reflect “psychosomatic” origins of illness and pain and use points to relieve those reflex points as well as treating the primary dysfunctional systems and body parts. In this way, you can treat the root causes as well as the symptoms and get immediate feedback that you have chosen the right root cause to treat. (You get better results in reduction of pain and discomfort, relaxation and calm, etc.) 

The autonomic nervous system and the vagus nerve gut brain feedback system have a LOT to do with emotionally mediated chronic and acute problems and can be addressed with noticeable and immediate effectiveness IF you know where to look and how to use the theory to choose the right points. 

“Psycho-somatic” pain and disease is real pain.  Just because it is mediated partly by the emotional-neurological system does not mean it can be fixed by some version of pharmaceutical mood altering medication. I think we’ve all seen the shortcoming of that approach in the holistic medical field. It might help, but just altering the chemical contents of the blood does not necessarily affect a cure.

This is not to say that Worsley 5-element isn’t powerfully helpful in the hands of a gifted practitioner trained by his school. It’s just that what you’re really looking for is someone who has an in-depth grasp of Acupuncture Theory and clinical expertise based on the classic texts as well as their own genius synthesis of what they have studied.  

It doesn’t matter so much whether it’s Kiiko Matsumoto style (of course I think she’s the best acupuncturist in the world), or Worsley style, or Dr. Tan Style based on Dr. Tung Style or even “TCM” in the hands of a gifted clinician who also has found some way to study the classics.  

Me, I’m just lucky Kiiko is a great scholar as well as an amazing clinician and she makes her synthesis of modern medical and Classical Chinese theory available to us average American students that would otherwise be struggling to apply a watered down version of acupuncture medicine!

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Energy Medicine Case Study: Healing the Template

Here is an example of how I assisted a client in healing their energy body’s nervous system.

A very unique and creative young woman recently had a session with me because she was feeling adrift from her life’s purpose. She told me she didn’t know where she belonged. She was jumping from job to job and having multiple “crash and burn episodes” in her employment history. She also had suffered from depression partly because of her hypercritical assessment of herself. When she was in college, she had studied what her sister did and what her counselor suggested, dropping out of subjects she was more interested in like music.

Looking at her Human Design and Gene Keys charts, I saw that the genetic activations from the sun and earth, while she was in the womb, gave her the tendency to forget that she was a powerful creative individual with the potential to empower others to be themselves, and further, to feel co-dependent on others to meet her minimum needs for love, safety and approval.

Dowsing her Energy Body anatomy, I found that the “star point” of her “Template” was artificially constricted.  The Template is the nervous system of the energy body that connects each individual to all the entities in the universe at the edge of our “soul membrane” and all the micro-organisms in our gut.  The star point gathers all the fibers of the template into itself in the solar plexus before emptying the nourishing energies of the cosmos into the energy stomach inside the core sheath at the center of our egg-shaped energy body.

This delightful young woman had deliberately and ingeniously limited the expression of her true nature in order to be less overwhelming to the adults around her that she felt she needed to love and approve of her and keep her safe. Her entire template nervous system was tainted by the perceived need to stay small and limit her true expression at around age six.

Directing the cosmic balm of “Universal Love and Light”,  I soothed a part of the template that allowed her access to past life information about having successfully “followed her bliss”  in other lifetimes. Then I suggested that the entire constriction of her template star point and the veil of false perception that went with it could be separated from the true intelligence and healthy tissue of her template using the same universal love and light. She was then able to calm her “inner 6-year-old girl” enough to release the false need to stay small and not express her unique powers.

This veil over her template lifted out of her structure as if an entirely separate nervous system had been superimposed over the true nervous system. This was a very big shift in her experience of herself, so after a follow-up energy adjustment and a few days of feeling quite tired and sleeping more than usual she reported these results to me:

“I’m waaayyyyy more motivated and excited to do things and also we’ve already had a change in financial/living situation in the last 24 hours which is a life changer so I’m super happy!!! I definitely feel like I’m more in tune with others’ energies and our pets have been super attentive to me too! I feel like I’m on a positive path!“

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Here’s a Health Tip that’s Easy To Do

Ear Acupuncture Points
This stimulates the healthy functioning of every system and organ in your body. Every time you’re in the shower and you wash your face with a mildly abrasive cloth, also spend maybe 30 seconds on each ear. Thoroughly scrub every portion of it, ideally until it gets a little warm. Pinch and scrub the rim, inside, outside and in back of it where it attaches to your skull. Stick your finger with the cloth into all the valleys under the rim and inside the contours of the shape of the ear both in the visible part of the ear and behind it. Thouroughly stimulate where it meets your head, grab each of the little protuberances and rub them on all sides thoroughly. Stick your finger in the opening and turn it around a few times. Most especially don’t forget to scrub the central ridges and hollows of the ear because that stimulates the internal organs and at “Point Zero” in the anatomical center of the ear, it stimulates the proper communication of the vagus nerve from the body to the brain. (See image for just some of the correspondences to other body parts and systems).

Of course this isn’t to say you shouldn’t be scrubbing your entire skin with a brush for similar reasons, but it’s a great addition to that and if you don’t have time to do that, you can get a full-body stimulation in a minute just on your ears. The same holistic relationship to the rest of your body holds true for any part of your body: hands, feet, the face itself, your scalp, your belly etc. But the ears are so directly related to the root Qi of the kidneys and therefore brain and nervous system function that it’s a great short version of a full body care regimen!
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Eye of the Needle: Holistic Living

It’s the micro-movements in the smallest places that change everything. 

Back in October of 1978 when I awoke from surgery after my near-death car accident-initiation, I found myself wanting to live my life. For the first time I could remember, I thought “there must be some reason for me to be here” and I decided to determine what that was.  It was the tiniest of shifts in attitude from “let me out of here” to “well, I don’t know what I’m going to do but I’ve going to be healing from this for a long time, so I’ll study healing.”  I had one person’s feedback when I gave them a massage before I had any training at all: “you have good hands” and I decided to build on that.

44 years later with 35 years in practice under my belt as a holistic health provider and Licensed Acupuncturist, I’m still learning new things. One of latest and best is from a brilliant local savant “Manual Medicine” practitioner who calls himself “Suntah”.  He showed Bren and me how if you want to release an entire muscle group, all you have to do is release the smallest muscle in the group. A great example is the Psoas minor: if you can persuade this thin, small muscle in the iliopsoas group to let go of it’s locked up contraction it can release the whole muscle bundle. This muscle group, along with the Piriformis and Gluteus are responsible for a majority of chronic low back pain.

Holistic Health is based on the commonly accepted idea that we live in a fractal Hologram. This means that we are inextricably part of a much larger body: Humanity, Earth, the Solar system, the Galaxy and the Universe are all one body. All expressing infinitely diverse aspects of itself through the branching of fractal experimentation. Mathematically, fractals are simple equations. By changing the smallest components of these equations, you can create the immense variety of form, starting with sacred geometry and moving into the infinite complexity of living beings. 

If this premise is true, then our culture, our society and the neighborhood we live in are  part of our body.  What happens to our bodies, our emotions, the animals, air, land and water of our neighborhood happens to us as individuals.  Witnessing current events, it seems to me that we are we are in a chaotic cycle of vast cultural and physical change.  It’s no wonder that there is resistance to any change, it’s all too much too fast, yet change we must.  

The way the economy and the laws of our town and our Island are operating is locking up the energy moving through the people who live here. Essentially we are experiencing what could be seen as the inevitable extreme of colonialism: Every nice location in the world has too many vacation rentals and second/third homes which people live in for a few weeks or months at a time. Air BnB gives more modest income homeowners the opportunity to profit from this tendency, but the growth of the tourist industry without connection to a higher vision of the future is not the path to prosperity for all. Perhaps in places like Sedona Arizona, there is enough surrounding space for differing economic classes to live and this pattern can sustain itself for a while longer.  But on a tiny island dependent on serving visitors, there will eventually be nowhere to live for any other class except the super-rich and tourists.

So, I don’t know about you, but I feel like I need some breathing room in the culture we find ourselves in, in this tiny town on this tiny island in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean.  I need to feel safe and loved and appreciated, just as we all do. I’m well past the need for the validation of my skills and ability to make a difference in somebody’s life.  I can see evidence for that every day, but one of the things that is constricting my sense of safety and approval is the housing situation. 

Both Bren and I marvel at how much we have to work everyday to consciously relax the stress that literally contracts the muscles of our bodies and makes breathing feel tight. Fear is collective. There is no way I can just release my own fears and feel better.  For me anyway, I have to acknowledge that I am feeling everybody’s fear (and all contractive or expansive emotions) before I can let go of the holding in the precise place in my body, with it’s personal history of trauma, that will allow me to relax more completely for another few hours. Really, that’s all I seem to get these days before the next internal/external contraction requires personal attention to release!

One of the things I help my clients to consider, especially if they are very ill, is that they are contributing the possibility of healing and wellness to the collective body of humanity by pursuing their own wellness.  Similarly, when we received our blessings and welcome to Maui from Aloha ambassadors Lei’ohu Ryder and Maydeen Iao, Bren asked Lei’ohu what was “the best way we could make a contribution to everyone here?”.  Her answer was “even your breath is a contribution!”  

The core question of how to live in prosperity according to the Gene Keys Golden Path is “How do I best serve the Whole?”  The simplest principle of creating prosperity is to dedicate one’s personal initiative and growth to the well being of the community of life.  Applying the same holistic logic to my own personal healing process I came to a radical realization: it is inevitable that some of my efforts to relax my personal body and create ease in my life MUST have a socially perceptible impact on my neighborhood. In order for a more complete, healthy physical relaxation and easier breathing to be possible in my own body and everyone else’s, some of my efforts must contribute to relaxing the constricted energy in the community I live in. 

So here is the radical, tiny change we are proposing that could tip the scales in favor of everyone breathing easier, feeling safer and more appreciated in our communities.  We are looking for likeminded people from all economic strata, (starting with our own economic status) to be willing to risk disregarding collective standards of behavior.  If Bren and me can succeed in placing a luxuriously appointed yet affordable (to us) tiny home in a willing landowner’s spacious back yard, it might tip the scales toward creative ways of easing a chronic worldwide problem of lack of diversity and sustainability in neighborhoods.  

Our proposal is this: we ease up one tiny corner of the lack of housing constriction in our community by placing an entirely self-contained, off-the-grid, beautifully appointed tiny home on wheels in an existing neighborhood. We want to enhance someone’s property.  Preferably someone who also wants to live here permanently and contribute to the well being of everyone on the island by showing how diverse living styles can co-exist.  

Once we find a place that feels relatively stable we can begin to experiment with the sustainable technologies that can make Island life more self sufficient without sacrificing the level of beauty and comfort that each individual person needs.

If we can inspire a few people in our general economic strata to secure homes by showing them how we did this, we can begin to change the way everyone thinks about diversity in housing.  If we can show that the lifestyle we are creating uses less resources and contributes more luxury, more beauty, food, water and goodwill in the community for all economic lifestyles, we will have created a HUGE change out of a tiny one.

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Distractions & Limitations

When I was in my thirties, I was goaded into exploring what was going on inside myself by my partner at the time who said to me “for someone who is so curious about everything, why have you explored so little about your own motivations?” That was when I met a very important person in my life: David Mars PhD., a Licensed Clinical Therapist with an emphasis on somatic awareness.

One of the most amazing breakthroughs in my life was in an “Authentic Movement” session with perhaps a dozen or so of David’s clients.  Suffice it to say that Authentic Movement has a LOT of very clear rules about how to maintain the safety and confidentiality of all participant’s experience. At the time, I chafed at this a little.  I was still very attached to my rebellion against what I felt were unreasonable rules and very depressed by years of overdosing cannabis to both numb and stimulate myself because of the pain and tedium of my life.

You have to close your eyes as you move in Authentic Movement, and you are witnessed by half of the class that is not moving. I began to explore the wall of the room.  Pushing up against it, shoving my self into it, banging it, resting on it, slumping into the angle between the wall and the floor and allowing myself to feel the full weight of my despair about the limitations of my life.  

Something shifted in me and I began to feel the support of the wall and the floor.  I felt the beginnings of the comfort that comes from accepting what I cannot change.  I began to become clearer that walls and rules can help me to help me determine what I CAN change: I can change my attitude about myself and I can let go of perceptions, belongings, people and even some rules that do not enrich my life or someone else’s life.  I can let go of my distractions. 

The clutter clearing Queen Marie Kondo is incredibly popular for a very good reason. If some thing, feeling or person is not bringing you joy or serving a useful purpose in your life, then it is a burden and you will feel energized and liberated by letting go.  The stuff, people and rules we cling to for safety, love and recognition are deeply limiting to the unique expression of who we really are.

Human lives are full of distractions: flashy, scary, stimulating dramas and traumas both real and staged, personal and collective. As long as we are distracted by the next shiny object, scary event or personal drama, we are deeply unaware of how much we are limiting ourselves with the mountains of physical, emotional and legal stuff we cling to. 

Limitation and Distraction are the major control mechanisms of our society (collective mind) at this time.  Of course threats and application of violence are still powerful deterrents to socially sanctioned behavior but distraction has largely replaced brute violence on a day to day basis collectively as a way of imposing limitations on what is socially acceptable behavior and compulsions for what we must do to be acceptable. The poster boy for the “social control science” of propaganda is the inventor of “Public Relations”: Edward Bernays (Sigmund Freud’s nephew).

Collectively, we are at the tail end of a cycle of authoritarian rule that is now applied through the mass media available in the palm of nearly every person on the planet.  The last two years have proven just how powerful it is to deliver fearful “news” and “facts” of dubious veracity to individuals, using endless repetition until they become “truth”. Meanwhile, the world economy has been reorganized and centralized into the hands of a very few powerful individuals and corporations that are beginning the process of unifying worldwide governmental responses and policies through this mass distraction process.  This is their version of the “new world order”.

At the same time the intelligence of the living beings known as the Solar System and the Universe are moving the Earth and all her inhabitants in to a cycle of learning to rely on inner knowingness. You can see it happening already. At the same time the effort to unify control of behavior worldwide is peaking, more and more people are letting go of the fears that have run their life, moving away from the people that insist that they be sick in the same way that they are in order to win their love, and learning to follow the “natural laws” that support the life of all beings. 

The extremity of the limitation and distraction we are experiencing collectively is pushing some of us to choose more carefully exactly what stuff we want to live with, who we want to live with and what we determine internally to be the right way to live for ourselves that enhances the harmony of our lives. This is a brand now way of creating order out of chaos. Instead of imposing ideas and limitations on others in order to make ourselves feel safer, we choose to support each other in finding exactly how and with whom we want to live.  

When we trust in the unique contribution of everyone in the groups we choose to join, the group becomes much more powerful and effective at thriving and contributing it’s unique offerings to others.

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Uniquely Collective

Everything about a human body, including the spiritual anatomy, is completely collective. 

The assertion the “We Are One” is demonstrably true. Every cell in every being on earth is created by the same 64 genetic code program from the same material elements from this planet: minerals, gasses, organic compounds and water. The same photons from the Sun and the same neutrinos from the same universe and the same multiverse.

We are literally inhabiting a vehicle that is “on loan” to us as we journey through the illusory element we perceive as time. It’s even always the same “now”.

Yet a third of the genetic code creates the sense of individuality in our body types and personalities. That’s because change happens one person at a time. The universe gives everyone uniqueness, not just because all possibilities must be tried on the journey to a perfected form that is pretty much immortal. It gave us individual response-ability to transform the expressions of the genetic code that lead to decay and destruction.

It is each of us individually taking on the willingness to witness the dark deeds that have been done to living beings and seeing that evil, death and destruction are as much of the path to perfection as constructive actions that support the health of all life.  By being open to the whole messy process of evolution, the deeply healing energies of the Siddhi’s of the 64 genetic imperatives trickle into the world.

The individual is where the only leverage is on the evolutionary path to a perfect spirit in a perfect form that does not decay or deteriorate.  Ironically, there is nothing to do or choose.  The choice is only to delay or hasten the process by resisting or not resisting the experience of the collective suffering you came here to transform with your Compassion, Mindfulness and Forgiveness.

It is the individual that points out the flaw in seeing flaws. It is the individual that challenges fear-based entrenched laws that actually destroy the health of the collective rather than protect it.  It’s the individual that can see that understanding the viewpoint of those they disagree with doesn’t mean that their own viewpoint is invalid. It’s the individual that can allow other’s strident upset while staying open the to possibility for all concerns to be met.

The collective can only share its protection, its food, its experience of the past and its ability to predict patterns that will continue into the future. Obviously these are critical for the survival of the species, but it is the individual that can make the space for transformation of wounds that keep humans as a whole suffering in the same destructive patterns.  And all an individual has to do is witness what is going on without judgement.  That is what creates the space for understanding and farsightedness to hold to a vision of the future that supports every form of life everywhere.

It is only the individual that can empower the collective to hold paradoxical and diametrically opposed points of view until the common goals are perceived instead of the dividing differences.

Then of course we will realize completely there is only one being.

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Fear is Safe (part 2)

Reclaiming Inner Authority

“Fear is Safe” is a direct quote from Richard Rudd, founder of the Gene Keys, but here is another: “Fear does not feel safe, but it is safe to feel fear”.  This is the “Eye of the Needle” I am negotiating right now.  How do I personally maintain calm when everyone is still in an elevated state of alarm most of the time?

Bren and I have been “sheltering in place” in one of the most beautiful places you can imagine. We can swim any time we want and our backyard is a tropical paradise. Yet even here on Maui, it feels more like “lockdown” sometimes.

I really have to watch my attitude to avoid the old bad habit of shaming myself for feeling oppressed by this situation.  Shame as a knee jerk reaction just distracts me from my inner knowingness with an addiction to stress, self-recrimination and sensory overload. Thankfully, this is now quite boring to me and I’d much rather feel my pain and move through it than find ways to go numb so I can tolerate existence.

It’s quite extraordinary to be on a zoom conference with people from around the world and realize, that with few exceptions, we are all experiencing some version of the same restrictions hastily imposed by “the authorities” we empower to protect us.  And some version of the reactions and responses from our fellow citizens, some of which are very uplifting and some of which can feel even more repressive than the rules.

If ever a situation was more clearly collective, I’ve never heard of it before. Yet I still take it personally sometimes. Because I am human, my fears stir up my traumas from my past. All the ways in which I agreed not to be true to myself in order not to upset some volatile someone who had control over my food and safety and approval.

Actually, I believe this is what is happening at a collective level right now.  The World Wide Web is facilitating a deep cleansing of the collective traumatic scars of humanity. In Sanskrit these are called Sanskaras, and in the revelations of the Gene Keys and Human Design, they are seen as being stored in the “Non-Coding” or “Junk” DNA that makes up at least 70%  of all the DNA of every single cell in our body.

To be clear: the COLLECTIVE traumas are held in our own cell’s DNA. This means that what we are experiencing collectively is deeply and inextricably PERSONAL.  Everything that humanity has been through is stirred up right now for each and every one of us.  It’s quite overwhelming and it’s no surprise that every possible response from polemic raging to deep compassion is clearly on display in the social media. 

I feel quite deeply that this is ultimately a great thing because many more of us are becoming aware that humanity is actually one single awareness on a global level.  Yet this begs the question: what do we do with all this fear that feels so oppressive, that comes from such a long, long history of unspeakable trauma that just goes on and on?

Things were relaxing somewhat around here and we went down to the shore to watch the sunset for the first time in weeks.  We sat down to rest just for a while (big no no) and looked up to see a drone hovering over us.  We hastily got up and went home and we both felt so triggered that we literally dropped into a “morbid depression”! 

After passing out for 3 hours and getting up, determined to be the one in charge of my own vibration, here’s an answer that came out of  me exploring the heart of my feeling of oppression.  May it be useful for you, or at least stimulate something healing for yourself in your own way!  I call it “Defusing the Mindfield”. 

I also created a healing protocol for this that is available in my free Thursday classes or by request.  It is really a very simple procedure but it requires a lot of explanation that I will include here. The procedures offered in the class are a prerequisite for this one, so I request that you attend a class or contact me personally if you wish to learn how to do it.

Defusing the Mindfield

What I recently realized is that whether or not the current situation is manufactured or just arose out of the unsustainable chaos of world-wide consumerism, the ultimate “response-ability” is mine and mine alone. The “truth” is probably somewhere in between these extremes.

It doesn’t make any difference if there are “super-intelligent, evil beings” that are manufacturing this crisis (and possibly the virus) in order to consolidate power and real resources and using mass surveillance to control us through our fear. “They” still have zero power over my ability to respond. 

Alternatively, if this is just some naturally arising “unseen dangerous pathogen” that will kill us all if we don’t respond drastically to beat it back, I still have my “response-ability”.  The outside is the inside, no matter what I believe, and I always have a choice about how to respond.

Here is the contemplation that is the basis for “Defusing the Mindfield”:

In Human Design and the Gene Keys, six of the Genetic Archetypes represented by the 64 Hexagrams of the ancient text of the I Ching are specifically located in the realm of the human mind and have been a critical part of our evolution as a self-reflective species.

HD and the GK’s also state that for the last 400+ years, humans have been evolving our emotional system in the Solar Plexus as the new location for a more advanced and all-inclusive form of awareness. We are learning to rely on a way of navigating reality that includes our instincts, our self-reflection AND our absolute knowledge of unity through the Ocean of Emotion.  When this crisis threw us back into “survival mode”,  all our mental fears came up in the form of anxiety.  Anxiety is worrying about the future based on what happened in the past.

Archetypes are just energies that we can call upon.  We can evoke their fears, or their gifts or their divine powers. That’s how powerful we really are.

The mind is extremely influential because it filters what “reality” is for the rest of the body. Anxiety puts the body in lockdown mode: Your self-awareness retreats to the amygdala which jacks up your adrenaline, shuts down functions that are “non-essential for survival” such as digestion, regeneration and repair of tissues, elimination of toxins, and immune responses to internal challenges. (Sound familiar?) What’s more, even if the trauma is just a memory, the body reacts as if the trauma being recalled is “happening now”, so remembering past collective traumas such as the holocaust can actually put us into severe physiological distress.

This procedure is for the purpose of “defusing” the fear-based states of mind that compress your Third Eye, prevent you from receiving your higher knowing, seeing and hearing, and compromise your health and well-being. I “saw” these fears as a kind of “Crown of Thorns” created by 6 “screws” that compress our mental viewpoint and the third eye chakra from all sides.  I created the procedure using the metaphor of “loosening the fear-screws”.

Description of the “Six Mental Anxieties”

(and the higher frequencies contained in them) I have included the traditional I Ching numbers and names of the Gene Keys outlined here:

Hexagram (Gene Key) 47 “Oppression”

“Oppression” is the quality of mental fear that comes out of the collective Sanskaras stored in the “junk DNA”.  It’s a victim posture that reinforces the need to repress all memories from the past in order to be able to “soldier on” in the present.

I see this as a screw that tightens down and compresses the view of the Third Eye Chakra from the upper right corner of the skull.

“Transmutation” is the “gift” frequency of the same genetic archetype.  It’s a deeply alchemical quality of witnessing the dark traumas of humanity that can perceive the immense value that comes from learning “How we DON’T want to feel and behave” towards one another and all living things so that we can see “how we DO want to behave” and it creates a safer and more loving world for all beings. 

All gifts are mutations of the “shadow” states. They are the unstable process of transforming the relatively stable shadow state into the stable state of the “Siddhi” or Divine Power of the Archetype.

“Transfiguration” is what happens when the collective wounds stored in your genetic lineage are all allowed to be “seen” and thereby transformed.  Your “junk DNA” is cleansed and the human body can mutate into something entirely new that can transform light into matter rather than eating other forms.

The Siddhi is obviously “in the future”, yet from the point of view of awareness, it has already happened because there is really only one “now”. So we can call upon the power of ‘Transfiguration” and every other Siddhi “now”, to help us raise our vibrational tone out of fear.

Hexagram (Gene Key) 24 “Return”

“Addiction”.  When we are unwilling and unable to witness our own trauma or our portion of the collective traumas, we try the same old strategies over and over again to drown out the pain, only to have it return redoubled.  We become addicted to the drama of shutting ourselves down and then feeling victimized by a world that “just won’t let us be ourselves.”

I see this as a screw that tightens down and compresses the view of the Third Eye Chakra from the center top of our skull.

“Invention” is a witnessing posture that arises when we are willing to pause and actually feel what we are feeling: where it is in our body, what it does to our breathing, what emotions arise when we feel the trauma.  When we pause, an entirely new response can arise to any feeling or situation that comes up.

“Silence” is the clear spaciousness of the mind that has realized that at its’ purest, it is just witnessing.  Any thoughts and commentary are just temporary sounds in the true silence of the witness.

Hexagram (Gene Key) 4 “Youthful Folly”

“Intolerance”. When none of our strategies to avoid our own pain work anymore, we assign the blame to people or groups outside of ourselves and become intolerant of anyone’s opinions that don’t match up to our own favorite collections of “facts”. Ironically, this only reinforces our fears because we have shut down our own scientific inquiry, leaving us feeling victimized and living in a very small box created by our own need to control our environment.

I see this as a screw that tightens down and compresses the view of the Third Eye Chakra from the upper Left side of the skull.

“Understanding” arises when we are able to cultivate a witnessing posture that can “see all sides of an argument” without the need to shut down either your own or the other points of view.  It creates room to come up with collective solutions to issues that embrace common values instead of focusing on differences. It also allows you to witness your own unseen points of view you have that you censored out of fear.

“Forgiveness” is one of the 7 great superpowers of Grace that heals all wounds, right back to the original traumas of the human race.  It erases the need to have “power over” anyone or anything since it reveals that all life is actually one awareness that runs through all existence, so any trauma inflicted on anything is trauma inflicted on yourself, thus all forgiveness is self-forgiveness.

Hexagram (Gene Key) 11 “Peace”

“Obscuration” is what we experience when we suppress the experience of our desires.  Any thought, feeling or desire which we avoid facing, creates an accumulative shadow that blocks our highest aspirations from ourselves and others.  It is the repressed, yet untamable desires that hide our greatest creativity.  We relegate our desires to the darkness of the closet for fear that we are unacceptable if we allow them into our awareness at all. When we do this we cloak ourselves in obscurity and live as a victim without access to the juice that really powers our dreams.

I see this as a screw that tightens down and compresses the view of the Third Eye Chakra from the lower left corner of the skull.

“Idealism” is a witnessing posture that can see that all desires arise from the desire to be free of the suffering caused by needing to maintain any identity; good, bad or indifferent. Interestingly, releasing the need to be acceptable to either yourself or anyone else allows for uniquely creative perspectives to arise through you that enrich everyone and would not be available through any other source.

“Light” is the pure quality of the mind that exists free of identification with form or emptiness.  It is the realization that all beings are simply the passage through which matter is endlessly converted into energy.

Hexagram (Gene Key) 43 “Breakthrough”

“Deafness” is the victim state that occurs when we feel that “everyone else’s fears and needs are preventing me from hearing my own inner truth”.  We become so focused on worrying about feeling unfulfilled or “knowing that I am doing something unique to me”, that we completely ignore that our periodic states of “depression” can actually silence our minds enough that we can hear the voice of our true creativity.

I see this as a a screw that tightens down and compresses the view of the Third Eye Chakra from underneath the skull, deep in the back of your throat.

“Insight” is the witness state that allows you to hear your own inner voice.  It is “Clairaudience”: the ability to trust your own inner knowing that floods out of your unique community of cells. You still hear all the noise generated by collective fears, but you don’t let it influence you.  Instead, you wait for your knowing to arise, whole and intact, from the empty space created by your waiting instead of your doing.

“Epiphany” is another of the 7 great superpowers of Grace that arises when you surrender so completely into not-knowing and deep listening that you have the sudden experience of Self as the awareness that permeates all your cells and all beings and all of existence and emptiness in the multi-verse.  It permanently opens your heart and reveals that “there are no others”, even though the way you arrive at this conclusion will be utterly unique to you.

Hexagram (Gene Key) 17 “Following”

“Opinion” Is the need to assemble the available “facts” of a situation in a way that makes you feel more secure, and then defend your point of view.  It literally shuts down your ability to see beyond your own version of reality.  It’s the proverbial “closed mind” and it’s the victim state that either buys into the collective version of the truth at the expense of any sense of self-knowledge or tries to oppose every opinion other than your own.

I see this as a screw that tightens down and compresses the view of the Third Eye Chakra from the lower right corner of the skull.

“Far-Sightedness” is the gift state of the pure witness that sees every point of view at the same time without having to resolve the oppositions and paradoxes. It shines through all self-serving Dogmas.  It is the capacity of “Clairvoyance” which is truly open-hearted and open-minded seeing.  It has the capacity to witness spherically, in every direction at once and throughout all time.  It is the opened “third eye” that sees through the unity-knowingness of the solar plexus and then organizes the logical mind’s ability to recognize patterns that predict the way the future will unfold.

“Omniscience” is the stable, pure witness state of the mind when it is freed from the need to defend its’ separate existence.  It is one of the great healing superpowers of Grace that descends into human beings to heal denial. When you can see throughout time, you can see in great detail that everything that has ever happened and is ever going to happen is all a part of the divine plan that leads to perfection, so you have no need to defend any “truth” you may believe in, nor do you have any need to deny anyone else their “truth”. 

I think you can see how these fears in particular are extremely activated by the current crisis and how trapped you can feel if you believe the fears are real.  To receive the procedure to “loosen the screws” please contact me or attend a free class.

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It is my contention that the contagious nature of this epidemic is directly aggravated by the increase in microwave radiation in our human environment.  That and the fact that we are updated with horrifying news every few minutes if we keep looking at our phones.

I can only modify how much I look at my own phone. I can’t do anything about world events or powerful people bent on exposing everyone to untested technology for profit. But I CAN offer energetic support from Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine™ that can help you negotiate a new relationship with all the artificial forms of radiation we are constantly basting ourselves in.  

Desda Zuckerman created these meditations to help her students and clients create a mutually respectful relationship with radiation of all kinds from Cosmic to 5g.

Another brilliant colleague of mine, Barbara Musser invented an energy medicine protocol specifically for people that contract COVID19.  I find that it is helpful immune support at this time even if you do not have the virus.

Every Thursday at Noon Hawaii time from now until May 15, I will offer a one hour online Zoom class.  Every class we will do a meditation to Anchor your Presence in Your Physical Body Through Your Human Energy Structure.  This is to introduce you to your much larger self so you know where to apply the energy “shields” that tell radiation to go around you rather than through you.

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