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Energy Medicine Case Study: Healing the Template

Here is an example of how I assisted a client in healing their energy body’s nervous system.

A very unique and creative young woman recently had a session with me because she was feeling adrift from her life’s purpose. She told me she didn’t know where she belonged. She was jumping from job to job and having multiple “crash and burn episodes” in her employment history. She also had suffered from depression partly because of her hypercritical assessment of herself. When she was in college, she had studied what her sister did and what her counselor suggested, dropping out of subjects she was more interested in like music.

Looking at her Human Design and Gene Keys charts, I saw that the genetic activations from the sun and earth, while she was in the womb, gave her the tendency to forget that she was a powerful creative individual with the potential to empower others to be themselves, and further, to feel co-dependent on others to meet her minimum needs for love, safety and approval.

Dowsing her Energy Body anatomy, I found that the “star point” of her “Template” was artificially constricted.  The Template is the nervous system of the energy body that connects each individual to all the entities in the universe at the edge of our “soul membrane” and all the micro-organisms in our gut.  The star point gathers all the fibers of the template into itself in the solar plexus before emptying the nourishing energies of the cosmos into the energy stomach inside the core sheath at the center of our egg-shaped energy body.

This delightful young woman had deliberately and ingeniously limited the expression of her true nature in order to be less overwhelming to the adults around her that she felt she needed to love and approve of her and keep her safe. Her entire template nervous system was tainted by the perceived need to stay small and limit her true expression at around age six.

Directing the cosmic balm of “Universal Love and Light”,  I soothed a part of the template that allowed her access to past life information about having successfully “followed her bliss”  in other lifetimes. Then I suggested that the entire constriction of her template star point and the veil of false perception that went with it could be separated from the true intelligence and healthy tissue of her template using the same universal love and light. She was then able to calm her “inner 6-year-old girl” enough to release the false need to stay small and not express her unique powers.

This veil over her template lifted out of her structure as if an entirely separate nervous system had been superimposed over the true nervous system. This was a very big shift in her experience of herself, so after a follow-up energy adjustment and a few days of feeling quite tired and sleeping more than usual she reported these results to me:

“I’m waaayyyyy more motivated and excited to do things and also we’ve already had a change in financial/living situation in the last 24 hours which is a life changer so I’m super happy!!! I definitely feel like I’m more in tune with others’ energies and our pets have been super attentive to me too! I feel like I’m on a positive path!“