Contaminated Water Solution on Maui

To my Maui friends and family and everyone else in Lahaina and Upcountry dealing with water contamination,

What you want to get is an NSF 53 CERTIFIED SOLID CARBON BLOCK Water Filter (not just activated charcoal – a solid carbon block.) For example, MultiPur makes this kind of filter (not affiliated) but there are other brands too and I’m sure they are being sold somewhere on the Island. Or just Google it. I’m hearing rumors that there is no filter that will block Benzine but it’s not true. This will handle the petroleum products and any pesticides but you will probably have to change your filter more often.

Then for a longer-term sustainable solution, people might want to look into getting a residential Water-From-Air Generators for personal use. We just bought one. Waiea Water (who is bringing over emergency Atmospheric Generators from O’ahu) has asked Bren to represent them on Maui so she’s setting herself up to do that.   

You can read more about the various types of filters here (again not affiliated): https://www.multipure.com/why-multipure/our-certifications/standard-53/


Bren Taylor and David Kitts, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M.

Eye of the Needle Holistic Living https://davidkitts.com/services/holistic-living/

Contact us at HedonisticSustainability@gmail.com for more info

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The Template: Our Cosmic Nervous System

Listening to Zach Bush and Richard Rudd today on the Deja Blue podcast, I just had my mind blown (again) by new research Zach shared on the nervous system of the gut. It triggered a quantum leap in my understanding of the anatomy and function of the human spiritual nervous system known as the Template. 

It turns out humans have the most diverse gut micro-biome of any species (especially if we eat diverse and wild foods from our natural environment.) That blew my mind, but what really knocked my socks off was this. There is now micro-imaging technology that has proven that some of the afferent nerves that inform our brains what is going on in our intestines actually stick THROUGH the barrier membrane of the intestinal lining INTO the messy contents of our gut! The massive concentration of neurons in our gut far outweighs the ones in our brains and is getting critical information from the teeming microbiome of bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, and who knows what else living in our poop!  

So it’s possible that our “gut hunch” and our “emotional intelligence” quite literally comes from being able to listen to the intelligent communities of micro-organisms living in our feces.  That old sixties hippie saying “Get your shit together” wasn’t just stoned inspiration. The genetic information and potential for mutation that can adapt to any stress come from the foundation of life itself: the single and multi-celled organisms that live in the soil and the air and waters of the earth and in our gut.

In many ways, my “favorite” spiritual anatomy system is the “Template.” My teacher gave it that name because it was her intuition that it holds space for the physical body inside our spiritual egg-shaped energy structure in between incarnations.  The Template is our Cosmic Nervous System. It is seamlessly integrated with our biological nervous system. I’ve always loved that the template ends (or begins!) at the very edge of our spiritual energy structure as hair-like villi that extend from the edge and connect us to every other living entity and intelligent energy in the cosmos. Now I know that it extends into our micro-cosmos as well.  WOW!!!

So, just like the villi on the membrane of every cell are the intelligent interface that connects them to their environment, informing the cell of nutrients to take in and toxic substances to exclude, the villi of the Template informs the interactive intelligence of our soul at the “Soul Membrane” with its cosmic environment, allowing us to filter infinite energies for the most nourishing frequencies of light.  As energy beings, we eat light. The light that shines from every other being. 

Modern physiological research has now confirmed that our nervous system and our digestive system are working together to determine which nutrients and genetic information to absorb and what to allow to pass through as compost and food for other life. The Template has the same function, working seamlessly with our spiritual elimination system to say “YES!” to the frequencies of light that are the most nourishing and harmonious with our current evolutionary stage, and to allow the rest to pass by or be released effortlessly.  

It is the ingenious design of biological life to create intelligence by enclosing proteins and water in a semi-permeable membrane, pierce it with sensors that connect it to the environment and allow it to build more and more innovative protein structures that use light to perpetuate more life. This brings me to another mind-blowing thing Zach shared: That the light energy released in our cells from carbohydrates and fats by the tiny bacteria called mitochondria shines brighter than the surface of the sun.

We are quite literally, already “light beings”! We are interwoven with light and life in the most Cosmic and Mundane way from the light of universes, galaxies and suns, to light from the bacteria that live in our cells. 

The Template has another magical capacity that is associated with its ability to say yes to nourishing frequencies of light from all the energy beings in the universe. It can sample everything about anyone without taking in anything that isn’t nourishing from them. 

This capacity is called “The Template Echo” because of the natural discernment of the Template Cosmic Nervous system. This “Yes Circuit” only says “yes” to nourishing frequencies of light. It is located just under the edge of the Soul Membrane and also inside the “Core Sheath” which is the conduit of the Core: your unique spirit frequency passing through your egg-shaped energy body vertically, aligning with your physical brain and spine.

Holistic impressions from any being come in through the web of template nerve fibers at the edge of your soul membrane, bounce off the core sheath and any frequency that is not accepted bounces right back out again just like a sonar echo. 

Learning to use this capacity consciously is revolutionary because it is distinct from the natural merging and blending of our electromagnetic fields. The Human Electromagnetic field or aura is the expression of our physical vitality and our unique spirit frequency emanating from our core and our DNA. It is designed to both broadcast to and absorb electromagnetic energy from other physical beings.

When we can remain in the awareness available from our Cosmic Nervous System, at the edge of our Soul Membrane, the exchange of electromagnetic energy with other physical beings is still filtered through our natural discernment: the “Yes Circuit” of our Template. Everything about someone is available to our expanded senses, yet we still can allow frequencies that are not beneficial to us to release effortlessly. 

This brings us back to our poop.  As we all know, if we can’t easily release what our intestines do not absorb, we become sick and clogged. The Template is our Cosmic digestive system and just as our physical digestive system is also part of our elimination system, the Template can only truly nourish us with light when indigestible frequencies are released effortlessly by the “yes circuit” and our energy Elimination System. But that is a topic for another blog. 

Thanks for reading this!  If you’d like to experience the template and the distinction between it and the human aura, stay tuned for online and in person classes coming soon!

A single-cell atlas of nerve cells in the gut reveals web of connections | Broad Institute

The Central Nervous System and the Gut Microbiome – PMC

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The Difference Between 5-element and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

A client asked:

What is the difference between 5-element acupuncture and Traditional Chinese acupuncture? I’ve looked it up on the internet and it seems 5-element acupuncture is more for emotional issues. Don’t most health issues come from emotional stuff? I just want to breathe like a normal person.

My answer:

First of all “Traditional Chinese Acupuncture” isn’t. In our school, we called it Communist Chinese Acupuncture (never to our teacher’s face!) When I got out of school, I passed the licensing test (very hard) and still had no idea if or how the dang stuff worked or if it even did work. I had no feedback.  Pulses never changed, pain didn’t necessarily go away.  

I don’t know much about what people term “5-element Acupuncture” because it was an Englishman’s (Dr. Worsley) Jungian psychological interpretation of a specific part of the Chinese Classic Medicine texts known as the 5-element theory. I wanted to study it, but the opportunity never came my way…I kept hearing about it, but it wasn’t available here until literally in the last few years.

What I’ve studied for the last 33 years is a Japanese Style taught by Kiiko Matsumoto who was the first person to demonstrate to me that “if you poke here, that gets better.” It’s a style taught to blind practitioners in Japan. And there are several schools for the blind because the profession lends itself to tactile intelligence. It made sense to me because both myself and my client could tell it was working! The theory is also solidly based on the classic texts of Chinese Medicine rather than some homogenized, Government approved abbreviation of Classic Chinese medicine. 

If you understand that emotions are a major part of being human, then you don’t need to create a distinct style to address them, you just need to know which areas of the body tend to reflect “psychosomatic” origins of illness and pain and use points to relieve those reflex points as well as treating the primary dysfunctional systems and body parts. In this way, you can treat the root causes as well as the symptoms and get immediate feedback that you have chosen the right root cause to treat. (You get better results in reduction of pain and discomfort, relaxation and calm, etc.) 

The autonomic nervous system and the vagus nerve gut brain feedback system have a LOT to do with emotionally mediated chronic and acute problems and can be addressed with noticeable and immediate effectiveness IF you know where to look and how to use the theory to choose the right points. 

“Psycho-somatic” pain and disease is real pain.  Just because it is mediated partly by the emotional-neurological system does not mean it can be fixed by some version of pharmaceutical mood altering medication. I think we’ve all seen the shortcoming of that approach in the holistic medical field. It might help, but just altering the chemical contents of the blood does not necessarily affect a cure.

This is not to say that Worsley 5-element isn’t powerfully helpful in the hands of a gifted practitioner trained by his school. It’s just that what you’re really looking for is someone who has an in-depth grasp of Acupuncture Theory and clinical expertise based on the classic texts as well as their own genius synthesis of what they have studied.  

It doesn’t matter so much whether it’s Kiiko Matsumoto style (of course I think she’s the best acupuncturist in the world), or Worsley style, or Dr. Tan Style based on Dr. Tung Style or even “TCM” in the hands of a gifted clinician who also has found some way to study the classics.  

Me, I’m just lucky Kiiko is a great scholar as well as an amazing clinician and she makes her synthesis of modern medical and Classical Chinese theory available to us average American students that would otherwise be struggling to apply a watered down version of acupuncture medicine!

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Energy Medicine Case Study: Healing the Template

Here is an example of how I assisted a client in healing their energy body’s nervous system.

A very unique and creative young woman recently had a session with me because she was feeling adrift from her life’s purpose. She told me she didn’t know where she belonged. She was jumping from job to job and having multiple “crash and burn episodes” in her employment history. She also had suffered from depression partly because of her hypercritical assessment of herself. When she was in college, she had studied what her sister did and what her counselor suggested, dropping out of subjects she was more interested in like music.

Looking at her Human Design and Gene Keys charts, I saw that the genetic activations from the sun and earth, while she was in the womb, gave her the tendency to forget that she was a powerful creative individual with the potential to empower others to be themselves, and further, to feel co-dependent on others to meet her minimum needs for love, safety and approval.

Dowsing her Energy Body anatomy, I found that the “star point” of her “Template” was artificially constricted.  The Template is the nervous system of the energy body that connects each individual to all the entities in the universe at the edge of our “soul membrane” and all the micro-organisms in our gut.  The star point gathers all the fibers of the template into itself in the solar plexus before emptying the nourishing energies of the cosmos into the energy stomach inside the core sheath at the center of our egg-shaped energy body.

This delightful young woman had deliberately and ingeniously limited the expression of her true nature in order to be less overwhelming to the adults around her that she felt she needed to love and approve of her and keep her safe. Her entire template nervous system was tainted by the perceived need to stay small and limit her true expression at around age six.

Directing the cosmic balm of “Universal Love and Light”,  I soothed a part of the template that allowed her access to past life information about having successfully “followed her bliss”  in other lifetimes. Then I suggested that the entire constriction of her template star point and the veil of false perception that went with it could be separated from the true intelligence and healthy tissue of her template using the same universal love and light. She was then able to calm her “inner 6-year-old girl” enough to release the false need to stay small and not express her unique powers.

This veil over her template lifted out of her structure as if an entirely separate nervous system had been superimposed over the true nervous system. This was a very big shift in her experience of herself, so after a follow-up energy adjustment and a few days of feeling quite tired and sleeping more than usual she reported these results to me:

“I’m waaayyyyy more motivated and excited to do things and also we’ve already had a change in financial/living situation in the last 24 hours which is a life changer so I’m super happy!!! I definitely feel like I’m more in tune with others’ energies and our pets have been super attentive to me too! I feel like I’m on a positive path!“

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Here’s a Health Tip that’s Easy To Do

Ear Acupuncture Points
This stimulates the healthy functioning of every system and organ in your body. Every time you’re in the shower and you wash your face with a mildly abrasive cloth, also spend maybe 30 seconds on each ear. Thoroughly scrub every portion of it, ideally until it gets a little warm. Pinch and scrub the rim, inside, outside and in back of it where it attaches to your skull. Stick your finger with the cloth into all the valleys under the rim and inside the contours of the shape of the ear both in the visible part of the ear and behind it. Thouroughly stimulate where it meets your head, grab each of the little protuberances and rub them on all sides thoroughly. Stick your finger in the opening and turn it around a few times. Most especially don’t forget to scrub the central ridges and hollows of the ear because that stimulates the internal organs and at “Point Zero” in the anatomical center of the ear, it stimulates the proper communication of the vagus nerve from the body to the brain. (See image for just some of the correspondences to other body parts and systems).

Of course this isn’t to say you shouldn’t be scrubbing your entire skin with a brush for similar reasons, but it’s a great addition to that and if you don’t have time to do that, you can get a full-body stimulation in a minute just on your ears. The same holistic relationship to the rest of your body holds true for any part of your body: hands, feet, the face itself, your scalp, your belly etc. But the ears are so directly related to the root Qi of the kidneys and therefore brain and nervous system function that it’s a great short version of a full body care regimen!
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Is Working with Me Right for You?

I am a natural healer. Yet I am not the source of my talent. It comes through me, I get out of the way and I partner with you to help you move through challenges and release trauma. My gift is to help you uncover the gifts that seem to be hidden in your wounds.

As an acupuncturist by training, I have to be accurate applying my skill. Being an artist by nature, I am inspired to do my work through touch, movement, images and vibrations (sound, color, temperature etc).

I’m inspired by the idea that core awareness is not constrained by our personal history or circumstances. This core awareness can be applied without any personal agenda from the outermost membrane or edge of our energy-body structure, creating a compassionate and truly safe container for healing.

By focusing attention/awareness together on what appears to be true about you, we can find the texture, temperature, and most importantly the accurate location of the energy pattern that is temporarily out of harmony with your true nature. Accurately locating the trauma in your soul anatomy is key because it allows you to completely accept your condition exactly as it is. Listening to that energy pattern together with unconditional compassion gives your energy structure the option of seeing that the wound you have been experiencing contains a gift.

That gift is the perception that your true nature was always there holding you, accepting even your pain. When you accept that nothing was wrong about your wound, then together we can feel the old energy pattern change and move out of your structure from the locations it was held. Then your gifts can flower in your life because they are not constrained by your resistance to pain.

If it is right for you to work with me, you will be drawn to me somehow. If you are, I look forward to the dance we will create together as we uncover and nourish your magnificent divine nature!