Contaminated Water Solution on Maui

To my Maui friends and family and everyone else in Lahaina and Upcountry dealing with water contamination,

What you want to get is an NSF 53 CERTIFIED SOLID CARBON BLOCK Water Filter (not just activated charcoal – a solid carbon block.) For example, MultiPur makes this kind of filter (not affiliated) but there are other brands too and I’m sure they are being sold somewhere on the Island. Or just Google it. I’m hearing rumors that there is no filter that will block Benzine but it’s not true. This will handle the petroleum products and any pesticides but you will probably have to change your filter more often.

Then for a longer-term sustainable solution, people might want to look into getting a residential Water-From-Air Generators for personal use. We just bought one. Waiea Water (who is bringing over emergency Atmospheric Generators from O’ahu) has asked Bren to represent them on Maui so she’s setting herself up to do that.   

You can read more about the various types of filters here (again not affiliated): https://www.multipure.com/why-multipure/our-certifications/standard-53/


Bren Taylor and David Kitts, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M.

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