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Here’s a Health Tip that’s Easy To Do

Ear Acupuncture Points
This stimulates the healthy functioning of every system and organ in your body. Every time you’re in the shower and you wash your face with a mildly abrasive cloth, also spend maybe 30 seconds on each ear. Thoroughly scrub every portion of it, ideally until it gets a little warm. Pinch and scrub the rim, inside, outside and in back of it where it attaches to your skull. Stick your finger with the cloth into all the valleys under the rim and inside the contours of the shape of the ear both in the visible part of the ear and behind it. Thouroughly stimulate where it meets your head, grab each of the little protuberances and rub them on all sides thoroughly. Stick your finger in the opening and turn it around a few times. Most especially don’t forget to scrub the central ridges and hollows of the ear because that stimulates the internal organs and at “Point Zero” in the anatomical center of the ear, it stimulates the proper communication of the vagus nerve from the body to the brain. (See image for just some of the correspondences to other body parts and systems).

Of course this isn’t to say you shouldn’t be scrubbing your entire skin with a brush for similar reasons, but it’s a great addition to that and if you don’t have time to do that, you can get a full-body stimulation in a minute just on your ears. The same holistic relationship to the rest of your body holds true for any part of your body: hands, feet, the face itself, your scalp, your belly etc. But the ears are so directly related to the root Qi of the kidneys and therefore brain and nervous system function that it’s a great short version of a full body care regimen!