Healing, Humanity, Spirituality

Uniquely Collective

Everything about a human body, including the spiritual anatomy, is completely collective. 

The assertion the “We Are One” is demonstrably true. Every cell in every being on earth is created by the same 64 genetic code program from the same material elements from this planet: minerals, gasses, organic compounds and water. The same photons from the Sun and the same neutrinos from the same universe and the same multiverse.

We are literally inhabiting a vehicle that is “on loan” to us as we journey through the illusory element we perceive as time. It’s even always the same “now”.

Yet a third of the genetic code creates the sense of individuality in our body types and personalities. That’s because change happens one person at a time. The universe gives everyone uniqueness, not just because all possibilities must be tried on the journey to a perfected form that is pretty much immortal. It gave us individual response-ability to transform the expressions of the genetic code that lead to decay and destruction.

It is each of us individually taking on the willingness to witness the dark deeds that have been done to living beings and seeing that evil, death and destruction are as much of the path to perfection as constructive actions that support the health of all life.  By being open to the whole messy process of evolution, the deeply healing energies of the Siddhi’s of the 64 genetic imperatives trickle into the world.

The individual is where the only leverage is on the evolutionary path to a perfect spirit in a perfect form that does not decay or deteriorate.  Ironically, there is nothing to do or choose.  The choice is only to delay or hasten the process by resisting or not resisting the experience of the collective suffering you came here to transform with your Compassion, Mindfulness and Forgiveness.

It is the individual that points out the flaw in seeing flaws. It is the individual that challenges fear-based entrenched laws that actually destroy the health of the collective rather than protect it.  It’s the individual that can see that understanding the viewpoint of those they disagree with doesn’t mean that their own viewpoint is invalid. It’s the individual that can allow other’s strident upset while staying open the to possibility for all concerns to be met.

The collective can only share its protection, its food, its experience of the past and its ability to predict patterns that will continue into the future. Obviously these are critical for the survival of the species, but it is the individual that can make the space for transformation of wounds that keep humans as a whole suffering in the same destructive patterns.  And all an individual has to do is witness what is going on without judgement.  That is what creates the space for understanding and farsightedness to hold to a vision of the future that supports every form of life everywhere.

It is only the individual that can empower the collective to hold paradoxical and diametrically opposed points of view until the common goals are perceived instead of the dividing differences.

Then of course we will realize completely there is only one being.