Meet Ilana Trumbull, L.Ac. | Healing Trees Acupuncture

If you feel you have benefited from the work I have done with you and would like to continue to feel better as well as continue to support me in unfolding my dreams, then please get some healing acupuncture and health care from the brilliant Ilana Trumbull, who is purchasing my practice.

You can reach her at 510-501-3813 and Ilana@healingtreesacupuncture.com

For some months to come, every session you have with her will be supporting me as I build my practice here on Maui. We both intend to collaborate with you as she takes over your treatments, so please understand that I will continue to be part of your care during the transition.

Ilana Trumbull L.Ac. took over my practice on January 8th in the same office at 45 San Clemente Suite D 130, Corte Madera. Ilana was and is my dear friend for over 10 years and was an indispensable partner in my 7 year experiment with Community Wellness Center (CWC) where some of you were seeing me. She will also continue to see patients there at 751 Center Blvd in Fairfax on Tuesday mornings.

She was the first person I thought of to take over my practice and she immediately agreed to buy it. I take that as a sign that she is the right person. I strongly encourage you to receive your acupuncture therapy from her. Her energy is in some ways even more nurturing than mine, and she brings a unique brilliance to her practice of acupuncture and energy medicine. She has met many of you already and is looking forward to meeting more of you!

Ilana will be accepting some insurance so please be sure to ask her if she is able to bill yours.

Ilana Trumbull, M.S., L.Ac., has practiced Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine since the year 2000. Her practice draws on a committed meditation practice, Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique, Myofascial Release, Pilates, Yoga and QiGong. Ilana has extensive experience and specialized training in work with the active elderly, LGBTQI community, brain injury, trauma treatment, anxiety/depression, community medicine, palliative care and cancer care. Integrating spirit is always at the forefront of her work and to this she brings a rich background in the wisdom traditions of Jewish, Buddhist and Unitarian Universalist practices.

She works calmly and openly with families and individuals as they traverse the passages of life and death. Ilana’s acupuncture offers a unique window into living fully and vibrantly. She is associated with the East Bay End of Life Doula Network https://www.endoflifedoulas.care/ with a commitment to walking with the living in planning conscious dying and dying with dignity.

Please note: If you have been seeing me in the last year or so, your files are being held in keeping by Ilana. If you would prefer she NOT get your records, please contact Ilana! She will not access your files unless you contact her and sign a release giving her permission to do so. Mahalo.

Testimonial from Bren: Ilana was always the first person I made a beeline for when David was out of town. She is a lovely person and a nurturing and gifted acupuncturist.